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Geotab Connect

The team recently attended GEOTAB CONNECT 2018 in Toronto, Ontario from June 11-13. We were extremely excited to meet and collaborate with fellow Marketplace partners, who are industry leaders in their respective fields. We were also anxiously awaiting new developments and innovations in the fleet management industry.

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Geotab Policies and Procedures


Policies are important in a workplace as it helps reinforce and clarify the standards expected of employees and help employers manage staff more effectively as it defines what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace.

Processes provide a blueprint for the business, stating who’s responsible for each step and how and when they should complete it.

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MyGeotab Grouping

Parked Trucks

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that is available to all Geotab customers, see all your vehicle and driver information in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business. Certain MyGeotab users have specific roles to perform within their company. Grouping is a way of distinguishing between users, within different departments, in a specific company.

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Geotab GO Talk Device

IOX – Input / output expanders plugs directly into the GO device and are used to extend the GO device to such an extent in which Geotab helps find solutions for you to grow your fleet as the fleet grows.

GO TALK is a driver awareness tool that transforms the way driver coaching happens behind the wheel by providing real-time verbal feedback to the driver, increasing safety and minimizing risk.

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The Geotab Culture

Geotab Team

Geotab is filled with diversity. The company has plenty of different cultures within, from local to international employees.

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4 Ways MyGeotab Improves Driving


MyGeotab together with technology makes driving much easier. Here’s four ways to simplify your time on the road.

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The Geotab Training Center

Geotab Training Center

The Geotab Africa Training Center it is where we train our customers, dealers and staff. Customers are trained on Geotab hardware and software which ensures they get the most out of our system and its features. In the same respect, our dealers are trained to have a great understanding on Geotab’s hardware and software, in order to be able to use and sell it. Dealers receive a certificate after completing training.

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Moveable Asset Tracking with the IOX Bluetooth Add-On

Asset Tracking with Telematics


Introducing IOX Bluetooth: A Customizable Way to Track your Assets.
Introducing IOX Bluetooth: A Customizable Way to Track your Assets.

As the telematics and vehicle tracking industry evolves, the need for more information and better management tools is increasing as clients become more educated and dependant on these solutions.

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#GeotabAfrica – Diary: Transporter Needs Analysis

Loss Control Director of major transport company met with GEOTAB to review possibility of solving some challenges faced in the business relating to productivity of assets and drivers, and how GEOTAB could assist.

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#GeotabAfrica is now a preferred Fleet Telematics Provider for AIG

GEOTAB South Africa is now a preferred Fleet Telematics Provider for AIG Insurance, Reducing Fleet Risk & Adding Value to Customers

Geotab Africa is now a preferred Fleet Telematics Provider for AIG

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#GeotabAfrica – Adding Value to #ISUZU Trucks and Fleets

Geotab Africa - Adding Value to ISUZU Trucks and Fleets

Isuzu Trucks recently announced a significant upgrade to their trucks competing in the medium commercial segment. The Isuzu N-Series NMR 250 will now exclusively be fitted with Isuzu Trucks’ unique Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) in both its Freighter and Crew Cab derivatives.

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#GeotabAfrica Machine Monitoring Empowering Yellow Machines

Geotab Machine Monitoring

Yellow Machine Monitoring – Beyond Location and Information, to Actionable Intelligence.

Dump Trucks, Excavators, Drilling Machines…your machines to ensure you reach your production levels, and ultimately your targeted profitability…whilst doing this safely…you need a GEOTAB to monitor and manage the invisible…

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Bralirwa Rwanda (Part of Heineken Group) – NOW Powered by #GeotabAfrica

Bralirwa Rwanda (Part of Heineken Group) - now powered by Geotab Africa