Tow Truck Industry Solution

Fast, efficient and timely. This is what the towing industry is all about. Tow trucks need to get to the tow-area and provide their services as quickly as possible. In order to do so, the GEOTAB Solution helps you to dispatch the nearest driver to an accident or breakdown. Our software also optimises the fastest route, which reduces fuel and maintenance cost. With your eye on each driver, one can also eliminate unauthorised side jobs as well as the usage of vehicles after-hours.


Driver and Passenger Safety

GEOTAB’s award winning software, combined with the latest data collecting devices, provide the user with insightful safety management reports about each driver’s on-road behaviour.

Risk and safety scores are assigned to each driver based on key indicators such as, speeding, harsh cornering, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, seatbelt-usage as well as the use of vehicles after-hours.


The GEOTAB unit provides ultra-accurate GPS positioning from the second the tow truck starts moving. This allows the software user to view all movements on a map in real-time. With active tracking enabled one can even see second-by-second data.

The software further enables the user to to see all trip details just by hovering over trip points. This includes speed levels, idle time, stops, broken rules (which can be one of many rules that the user sets-up) and much more.

PTO activation also allows for the recording of vehicles hooked and towed, allowing for the reduction of possible private jobs by employees of the company

Fleet Service Dispatch

Thanks to the partnership between Garmin and GEOTAB, two-way communication is available between the software user and the actual drivers on-duty. This communication refers to the ability of the software user to dispatch available drivers right from behind their desk. The driver will then be routed to the correct destination with the help of his/her Garmin device.

Drivers can change their statuses to ‘on-the-job’ when they arrive at work and the software user will be able to see changes as drivers select different statuses.