Fleet Management Solutions

Our Six Pillars of Innovation include Fleet Productivity, Optimization, Safety, Compliance, Expandability and Sustainability.

Fleet Optimization

Measuring the return that your vehicles provide for your business is a key component of successful fleet management. There’s no better way to measure performance than choosing a partner who’s an industry leader in fleet optimization.


Learn about Geotab’s six pillars of innovation that can help boost your fleet and driver productivity.

Fleet Compliance Management

Whether your fleet is comprised of heavy trucks or delivery vans, Geotab has everything you need to meet compliance.

Fleet Safety and Driver Safety Management

For fleets, staying safe means more than reducing personal injury and vehicle damage. It’s essential to choose a partner who understands that safety behind the wheel means an improvement in fuel economy, company reputation, and clean motor vehicle licenses for your drivers.


Our Marketplace, SDK and culture of being the foundation of a data strategy for businesses is why Geotab is a global leader in telematics.


Effectively manage and reduce fuel consumption in order to reduce CO2 emissions.