Productivity Tools for Open-cast Mining Operations.

Source & Destination is a tool for open-cast mining operations. It provides an automated record of productivity by tallying loads based on the material source, loading tool, loading duration, tipping duration and destination. All recorded in real time.

The variables captured allow the user to measure irregular loading and tipping times, vehicle downtimes and vehicle operator efficiencies. The materials management module helps identify instances of cross-tramming and can be linked to external references for resource depletion management. All this information is presented through live, customizable dashboards and reports that give insights into the productivity, efficiency and costs of the mining operation. The system is simple to configure and has a low maintenance and administration cost.

Inside the Gate

We equip all equipment on the mine with a relative low-cost data collection device and then activate our industry leading software based on our “Source to Destination” solution, effectively allowing productivity managers to measure and manage the type of ore being mined, the productivity indicators of the machinery involved in ore extraction, the volumes being collected by dump trucks, the trip visualization of the dump trucks from source right through to the destination dump site, all classified according to the type of ore levels.

The above effectively means that mine productivity managers can see in real-time what ore is being mined, the volumes at any given time in the chain, the chain performance itself, the equipment status such as drilling, dragging, travelling, dumping etc, and also when machinery is not productive due to breakdown, maintenance schedules and others, all against their productivity targets required.

Similarly the status of equipment will show the number of hours of the different machines, in order to project and book maintenance schedules, equipment protection indicators such as oil levels and temperatures as well as safety parameters such as speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering etc.

Due to the fact that Driver ID forms part of the solution, management can extract safety and productivity reports based at equipment and employee resource level, against the type of ore as well as across different sites, and to further add value this can be monitored from anywhere in the world, thus you can sit in your office in Johannesburg and see exactly how your sites are performing in various other parts of the world, in real-time.

The visualization of the solution adds the extra dynamic that management on site can in real-time identify bottlenecks and divert and manage resources on the fly, no need as an example to have dump trucks arriving at excavators where no ore is being mined due to breakdown as an example, immediate alerts of non-production by any machine for whatever reason, and diversion of resources to higher grade ore where required.

The net effect is greater productivity from human and equipment resources, real-time pro-active management of resources, greater accuracy of reporting on productivity levels, more efficient right sizing of fleet/equipment required and ultimately management by measurement, utilizing benchmarks based on best practices in terms of comparable data capturing by the GEOTAB system.

The net effect is greater productivity from human and equipment… by the Geotab system.

Outside the Gate

Part of the chain involves the transport of ore to its destination by road and rail to port, and GEOTAB’s Mining Transport Solution allows the monitoring of loads collected, delivered, time at various points, delays if any and to ensure safety is maintained we also measure speeding violations and risky dangerous driving of the chain from mine to end destination.

Source & Destination Brochure
Geotab Mining Case Study

The Source & Destination solution provided by Geotab Africa has been implemented at one of our major open-cut mining operations. The system was easily implemented and customised to our requirements with a low maintenance and administration cost.

After we had tested the functionality, we were able to attain an automated and reliable record of our productivity, with the information being updated in real time. We have been able to do away with reliance on “tallymen” with an associated cost saving and increased confidence in the accuracy of the information provided. This installation provides detailed records of variables per load including but not limited to the material source: bench, mining perimeter, material type, loading tool utilised; destination: route, timing etc. This information is reportable in live format on customisable dashboards and can be viewed as a total fleet, or part thereof, to the user’s choice.

Access to information is gained via standard internet connection through a user friendly platform. Historic data can be easily accessed. The Information obtained can also be used to determine operator efficiency and targeted improvements or the system can be linked to external references for resource depletion management. Whilst the product is not a dispatch system, it can be used in a control room environment for a more hands-on approach. The resultant management tools stem from the reliable information obtained, all of which has a positive impact on our operation.

Shayne Wright (Planning Manager) – Aveng Moolmans (Pty) Limited

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