Beyond Telematics

Geotab Connect is an advanced telematics conference exploring the current and future telematics space. The conference features panel discussions, in-depth practical sessions and detailed case studies. Gather important takeaways and practical learning presented by industry experts, thought leaders and high-profile speakers from around the world.

Gain insight into Geotab’s technological advances and develop an understanding of the future direction of telematics. With a particular focus on Big Data and emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, discover key trends and developments that are shaping the Telematics space.

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Explore Geotab’s future as it relates to emerging AI and IoT technologies, the security of Geotab’s system, fuel solutions, engine data and integrations. Discover new opportunities created by telematics to optimize business in Africa and the Middle East. Learn about how Big Data can increase the value of your fleet.

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