Taxi Industry Solution

If there is one word to summarize the GEOTAB solution it would be ‘Customization’. As such, our software can be tailored to your specific industry and individual business needs.

In terms of the taxi industry, GEOTAB’s solution provides you with the following:

  • Out of operating hours alerts.
  • Out of authorised zone usage.
  • Extensive standards reporting.
  • Auto-dispatch nearest taxi to clients.
  • Accident notification and reconstruction.
  • Real Time tracking for ultra-accurate kilometers.
  • Route optimisation to maximise trips and reduce fuel usage, and
  • Behaviour coaching such as harsh braking, cornering and acceleration.


Driver and Passenger Safety

GEOTAB’s award winning software, combined with the latest data collecting devices, provide the user with insightful safety management reports about each driver’s on-road behaviour.

Risk and safety scores are assigned to each driver based on key indicators such as, speeding, harsh cornering, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, seatbelt-usage as well as the use of vehicles after-hours, these trips can be replayed for after trip incidents should it be required.

The GEOTAB system also has an accident notification service that will instantly alert operators of any possible accidents by taxi drivers in the field

Driver assistance buttons can be installed to allow driver of Taxis to activate “assistance required” notifications to operators, adding a level of security and safety to taxi operators.


The GEOTAB unit provides ultra-accurate GPS positioning from the second the taxi starts moving. This allows the software user to view all movements on a map in real-time. With active tracking enabled one can even see second-by-second data.

The GEOTAB system allows for the automatic closest resource selection based on either address or zone within the GEOTAB software, hence the optimum resource can be allocated for collection of passengers, significantly saving on fuel costs and optimizing fleet utilization.

Excessive Idling can be identified and managed, allowing for further savings and wastage to be removed from the cost lines of the business.

The GEOTAB software further enables the user to to see all trip details just by hovering over trip points. This includes speed levels, idle time, stops, broken rules (which can be one of many rules that the user sets-up) and much more.

Operating Zones and No-Go zones can be be set up to ensure Taxi’s operate only in the areas allocated to that specific operator and/or taxi.

Fleet Service Dispatch

Thanks to the partnership between Garmin and GEOTAB, two-way communication is available between the software user and the actual drivers on-duty. This communication refers to the ability of the software user to dispatch available drivers right from behind their desk. The driver will then be routed to the correct destination with the help of his/her Garmin.

Drivers can change their statuses to ‘on-the-job’ when they arrive at work and the software user will be able to see changes as drivers select different statuses.