Geotab Africa Training Webinar Series


Join Geotab Africa live for a training webinar series across our 6 Pillars of Innovation.

The sixth part of Geotab Africa’s Training Webinar Series explores Sustainability, by analysing and reducing the environmental impact of your fleet.

Effectively manage and reduce fuel consumption in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Ensure your fleet is well-maintained and operating efficiently, using the MyGeotab software to prioritize vehicles in need of maintenance. And, take the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA), in order to determine whether certain vehicles in your fleet should be replaced by Electric Vehicles.

What content to expect:

  • Increase fuel efficiency with fuel usage reports.
  • Reduce vehicle idling with idling reports.
  • Coach drivers on best practices using the Driver Safety Scorecard Report.
  • Track CO2 emissions with the CO2 Emissions Report.
  • Proactively manage vehicle repairs with vehicle maintenance reports.
  • Electrify your fleet – take the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment!

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About Geotab Africa

Geotab Africa is one of the leading telematics companies in the world, offering GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solutions. Geotab was started in South Africa in 1996. Geotab is one of the very few telematics companies to design and develop its own telematics software and hardware.

Geotab currently has over 2,000,000+ GPS tracking devices in operation globally and collects 40 Billion+ Data points daily. Geotab is the preferred and largest fleet management solutions provider in Africa.