The Driver Fatigue Monitoring Solution

As an industry, public transportation vehicles and operators must adhere to the strictest rules and regulations pertaining to safety and compliance. Failure to do so, can result in severe fines and disciplinary actions for both the company and its staff. The Driver Fatigue Monitoring (DFM) Solution is specifically designed by Geotab, to help public transport companies better understand and safeguard their assets and passengers from the negligence of a driver.

The driver fatigue monitoring system is coupled with the standard functionality of the GO7 and MyGeotab systems, NFC Driver ID, Active Track, DVIR, Seat belt monitoring and Garmin Dispatch. This provides an all-encompassing solution for all safety and operational criteria to be met.

Public Transport Solution Features:

  • Public liability (Safety Aspects)
  • Adherence (Regulations & Rules)
  • Driver Fatigue monitoring
  • Driver Assist button (Emergency Services)
  • DVIR (Safety Regulations)
  • Guest logins (Passengers Family)
  • Control room dispatch and optimal route planning

All information and reports generated of each specific vehicle, reduce costs by way of minimizing idle times, maintaining the fastest and safest route to destinations as well maintaining driver standards through effective monitoring of behaviours.

Geotab Case Study Public Transport

Geotab Solution: Public Transport – School Bus

In the public transport industry, the passenger is paramount to the company’s longevity and success. Through the MyGeotab software solution a ‘guest’ login is created with tailored levels of access. This login is given to passengers or their family members ensuring peace of mind during each journey. At any given time they can access the system, have exact whereabouts on the location of a passenger and confidently know that the vehicle is on schedule and operating without any incident.

Additionally, a ‘trips history report’ is generated and sent to the passenger after a trip. This ensures that all safety standards are met during a trip. In the instance of public school transport, these reports can be sent to parents on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, ensuring  that the driver’s behaviours and the vehicle’s routes/utilization are within the parameters of safeguarding the children on board.  These reports translate to greater customer satisfaction and contribute to the complete solution for the optimal and successful operation of any public transport entity.

School Bus Solution Features:

  • Auto notification to parents on arrival
  • Estimated time of arrival (During Trip)
  • Kids on bus (Armband Solution)
  • Driver behavior (Speeding, Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering)
  • Unregulated stops notification

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