Automate and enhance vehicle safety

Avoid collisions with the beeping and visual functionality of the Mobileye. The Mobileye system alerts the driver 2.7 seconds before they hit car in front of them, and up to 2 seconds before nearing a pedestrian or cyclist. It also alerts drivers if they begin drifting out of their lanes or surpass the speed limit.

Features include:

  • Mobileye Forward Collision Warning
  • Mobileye Pedestrian Collision Warning
  • Mobileye Lane Departure Warning
  • Mobileye Headway Monitoring & Warning
  • Mobileye Intelligent High Beam Control
  • Mobileye Speed Limit Indication

Geotab’s Open Platform Fleet Management Solution has integrated with the Mobileye Advanced Driver System (ADAS) to bring driving schools and their learners a safer, more comprehensive learning experience. Learn More about the solution.