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Integrating Telematics Data Throughout

Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions. This milestone setting refresh will enable you to achieve a long term vision for growth. The future of telematics is connecting data with business processes and operations. Our MarketplaceSDK and culture of being the foundation of a data strategy for businesses is why Geotab is a global leader in telematics.


The first and simplest way to expand growth in telematics is to visit the Geotab Marketplace and connect with a wide range of applications written by developers and business solution providers. If you are interested in one of the Marketplace solutions, follow the instructions and start building your data expansion strategy.

Software Development Kit

Software developers and integrators tells us that the Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK) is the best in the telematics industry. Geotab offers more data points of connection with robust, scalable and reliable tools. The SDK features sample code and projects to get first-time developers with Geotab started.

General Software Solutions in MarketPlace

Genuine Cummins Engine System Fault Notification

The moment a Cummins engine system fault occurs, the Geotab device transmits key engine system and GPS data through this telematics connection. Connected Diagnostics instantly applies unique Cummins analytics to transform this raw data into useful, actionable information. Clear recommendations regarding continued vehicle operation – or the need for service – are immediately sent to the customer along with prioritized Cummins fault codes, fault severity, engine derate notifications triggered by the fault and a hyperlink to the nearest Cummins-certified repair facility.

Who Should Use This

Owners and operators of Cummins-powered equipment connected through Geotab.

Features & Benefits

  • Connected Diagnostics immediately transforms Cummins engine system data into effective, actionable information delivered virtually anywhere within seconds.
  • Compatible with all equipment manufacturers that utilize Cummins engines for broad application capability
  • Immediate notification of urgent engine system faults enables informed decision making for maximum uptime of your equipment
  • Complete, effective information about the fault enables fast, proper care for the Cummins engine system.
  • Expert recommendations from Cummins removes the guesswork from engine system faults.
  • Engine protection derate information maximizes uptime and equipment availability by sharing pending engine derate information.

Fleetio – Manage Maintenance, Fuel and Drivers

Fleetio helps companies track, analyze and improve fleet operations. Fleetio offers simple and comprehensive management of all day-to-day fleet operations and data while also providing fuel card integrations, Geotab integration, all-inclusive support, unlimited account users and online and mobile accessibility, including native apps like Fleetio Fuel. Fleets of all sizes can manage assets, maintenance, drivers, fuel and more in a modern system with Fleetio.

Fleetio’s integration with Geotab provides users with seamless navigation between systems, automatic odometer updates, the ability to see a vehicle’s current location within Fleetio, fault code management and fuel location exception reporting. Visit fleetio.com/geotab to learn more or contact our partner Mobilitas in South Africa to come and present the solution to you.

Who Should Use This

Any fleet of any size

Features & Benefits

  • Store comprehensive vehicle information, stats, documents and photos
  • Set alerts for scheduled maintenance, license renewals and inspections
  • Report vehicle problems from anywhere and monitor repair progress
  • Document vehicle service, expenses and receipts
  • Manage your shop with parts and work orders
  • Manage driver details, vehicle assignments and history
  • Analyze your exact operating costs per vehicle
  • Automatically calculate fuel efficiency for your vehicles
  • Automatically import data from your fuel cards
  • Get unlimited users and customize roles with flexible permissions
  • Manage your fleet from anywhere using your phone or tablet
  • Get seamless integration with Geotab:
  • Automatic odometer readings
  • Simple navigation between systems
  • Current vehicle location in Fleetio
  • Fault code management
  • Fuel location exception reporting

Elite Extra

Elite EXTRA is a real-time, advanced dispatch management solution designed to maximize employee productivity, improve customer service, and promote efficiencies.                

EXTRA will allow you to easily create routes in optimized sequences, dispatch them to a smartphone or tablet, and track your drivers in real-time, while signature capture, barcode scanning and advanced reporting give you the accountability and visibility you need.

As an Add-in to MyGeotab, EXTRA gives you the power of dispatch and telematics integration by working directly with the GO device.

Who Should Use This

EXTRA is designed for any organization that is looking to increase operational efficiency in their distribution, delivery, or fleet operations.

Features & Benefits

  •  Real-time GPS tracking and ETAs, from a GO device
  •  Displays vehicle information (from a GO device) in the EXTRA dispatch view
  • Easy communication through web-enabled devices
  •  Optimized route sequencing
  •  Digital signature capture
  •  Robust reporting: efficiency, profitability, exception
  •  Barcode scanning support
  •  ERP Integration
  •  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support
  •  CRM and Telematics add-ons and APIs
  •  Improve customer satisfaction/retention
  •  Affordable up-front and per driver costs
  •  Pack more stops into each route
  •  Increase productivity (dispatchers and drivers)
  •  Pinpoint inefficiencies to improve profitability
  •  Increase driver accountability
  •  Increase eCommerce sales
  •  Improve customer service
  •  Increase driver and dispatcher performance by 15%
  •  Go green with 5% less fuel and paper usage


FleetSafer from Aegis Mobility is a software solution for smartphones and tablets that detects the driving state and automatically puts the device in safe mode while driving.  In Safe Mode, a curtain screen blocks access to the keyboard and screen while notifications and alerts are silenced including incoming calls, texts and emails.  FleetSafer is the industry’s broadest solution for enterprise customers, with multiple trigger options and the most complete device coverage providing maximum flexibility best-suited to the vehicle, mobile device and safe driving environment.

Who Should Use This

Companies who provide smartphones to employees

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic start/stop
  • Multi-trigger architecture
  • Puts device in Safe mode
  • Silences alerts and notifications, locks keyboard and screen, blocks access to texts, email browser, app
  • Simple install and updates over the air
  • Reports on infractions and overrides
  • Passenger override allowable
  • Handsfree device use allowable
  • Emergency calls always allowed
  • Quick access at end of drive
  • Suppress distractions
  • Silence notifications, rings, alerts and vibrations
  • Simplify conformance for employees
  • Automatic safe mode when driving is detected

Green Mile

GreenMile provides a cloud-based vehicle performance management and dispatching platform for companies that need to better measure the performance of their mobile resources, reduce their transportation costs and increase customer satisfaction. GreenMile combines Geotab’s telematics information with planned routes from many of the top routing software providers to deliver actionable information throughout an organization. The result is an interface that provides companies with vehicle telematics & GPS data, route execution, real-time actual vs plan (AvP) data, and vehicle tracking all from within the same application. Additional benefits include the ability to seamlessly update existing route planning software with improved data from the field.

Who Should Use This

Delivery and service organizations interested in capturing the actual vs. plan KPI’s of their mobile resources in order to measure and improve efficiency in the field.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated with the Geotab solution as well as multiple routing systems
  • Monitor telematics data within the dispatching application
  • Real-time actual vs plan (AvP) reporting
  • Visibility of planned routes, stops, and orders
  • Update real-time data back into current routing software
  • Mobility apps allow tracking of sales & merchandisers
  • GPS data layered over top of planned route paths
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • More efficient route planning and tracking
  • Ability to answer “where’s my delivery” questions
  • Real time ETA’s of deliveries with auto notifications
  • Easily identify operational inefficiencies & patterns
  • Proactive alerts