Geotab Africa is an Authorised Reseller of Geotab Inc.

Geotab Africa is one of the leading telematics companies in the world, offering GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solutions.

Geotab was started in South Africa in 1996. Geotab is one of the very few telematics company to design and develop its own telematics software and hardware. The engineering division of Geotab was moved to Canada in 2000, becoming Geotab Inc. Geotab currently has over 3,000,000 GPS tracking devices in operation globally. Geotab Africa, a part of Geotab Inc., services South Africa and the African continent, including the Middle East and Asia.

Geotab Marketplace

Geotab Africa’s customer base spans South Africa, the African continent, Middle East and Asia. The Geotab GO7 plug-and-play device together with the open-platform MyGeotab software provides customers with end-to-end fleet management solutions, enabling them to monitor driver productivity, ensure safety and compliance, and optimize fleet operations. Furthermore, our Geotab Marketplace, consisting of partner applications that are fully integrated with the Geotab telematics platform; and Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK) enable expandability and customization to meet all fleet management needs.

Geotab Scalable Solutions

The Geotab SDK is a powerful set of tools for automating tasks and working with data in MyGeotab. Within these documents you will find information on how to develop JavaScript and C# applications, build and integrate Add-Ins and use MyGeotab with third-party systems. The Geotab open platform for fleet management offers unlimited possibilities with our Software Development Kit, APIs, and IOX expandability which have enabled Geotab Africa to create bespoke solutions and third-party integrations for clients across industries such as Mining, Security, Public Transport, Concrete and Construction.

The GO7 is an IoT telematics device, that directly connects to the vehicle’s diagnostics port and records travel information of vehicles such as location, speed, fuel consumption as well as engine-related data and exceptions. Geotab offers a lifetime warranty for the GO device purchased, exclusively to customers on the ProPlus package. MyGeotab fleet management software, available to all customers, is the platform for accessing all of a fleet’s information in real-time. We have a broad market scope, offering fleet management solutions to both light and heavy vehicles, including yellow and industrial machinery.

Geotab Offices

Geotab Africa is headquartered in Johannesburg, with branch offices situated in Durban and Cape Town. We also have a wide network of authorised distributors, dealers and fitment centres situated in South Africa and across several African countries.


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