One Platform Integration: Garmin Dispatch via Online Intelligence

Safety on the job is top priority for law enforcement and first responders. Teams in the security industry need technology that is dependable, secure, and provides real-time data. Geotab’s secure and sophisticated fleet management solutions offer insight, visibility, and actionable alerts. The latter transform operations and ensure driver and civilian safety.

  • Auto-dispatch nearest patrol vehicle from map to client.
  • Real-time tracking for ultra-accurate kilometers.
  • Auto-arrival and departure at zone.
  • Behaviour coaching – harsh braking, cornering and acceleration.
  • Out of authorized zone and hour usage.
  • Monitor patrol routes and fuel usage.
  • Two way communication (driver and control room).
  • SLA Adherence.
  • Monthly billing.

Once a panic button is activated at a premises, the control room looks for the nearest Geotab unit. Control then dispatches the vehicle (drag and drop). The following factors are recorded: time alerted, time responded, time took to arrive, time spent at the customer, time departed and special notifications.

Police and First Responder Vertical Brochure
Geotab Security Case Study

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