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External devices can communicate with the Geotab GO device through the revised Third Party Data CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol on our private CAN Bus via the IOX CAN. No initial Handshake is required, the GO will start processing third party data if it is in the correct format. Once data is sent in the predefined format, it will be saved and sent to MyGeotab as Status Data.

The IOX-AUX allows for monitoring of up to 8 signals from your vehicle in real-time — providing additional insight into the condition of your fleet.

The IOX-Buzz is an external buzzer that amplifies the in-vehicle feedback to reduce the number of unheard alerts from the GO device due to engine noise.  In-vehicle feedback comes from both the GO device internal buzzer and the external buzzer to improve the sound quality of in-vehicle alerts, and to increase the likelihood that these alerts are received by the driver.

As an Authorized GARMIN Partner, Geotab® provides seamless integration with certain devices on the GARMIN platform. The GARMIN IOX® user can connect a Geotab fleet management solution to a GARMIN device to allow for enhanced in-vehicle driver-dispatcher communication.

The IOX-GOTALK provides real-time feedback to drivers about their safety and performance on the road. With the IOX-GOTALK, the fleet manager adds a tool for improving long-term driving skills by notifying the driver when they exceed allowable conditions. The IOX-GOTALK aims to improve bad driving habits while forming good ones without overbearing intervention. It pushes drivers to continuously improve their skills through a digital coach in lieu of simple alerts.

The IOX-NFCREADER integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) with the GO Device to help identify which drivers are operating vehicles in a fleet at any given time. Users can utilize MyGeotab to create rules, reports, and exceptions based on individual drivers or vehicles.

The IOX-RS232 allows external devices such as gas detection monitors, weighing scales, or pressure monitors to send data through the GO Device to MyGeotab.

The IRIDIUM Network is useful in the event the GO Device travels outside of cellular or network coverage. The IRIDIUM Satellite modem allows the GO device to communicate over the IRIDIUM Network. This allows users to track their fleet even when cellular connectivity is lost.

A panic button can be wired into the IRIDIUM Satellite IOX®. When triggered, it sends a top priority “emergency” message through the satellite network to the MyGeotab user.

The IOX-USB includes an auxiliary USB power adapter for charging and powering USB devices. Constant power to the USB device allows the use of location-based services (GPS) on the attached tablet/phone.

SPR-RELAYKIT incorporates controls for enabling a relay directly from the Telematics device. The relay can be enabled remotely from the web application, and can be activated using the NFC (Near Field Communication) Driver Identification device.