Geotab GO Device

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Geotab GO Device is an expandable plug-and-play telematics device that uses intelligent patented logging algorithms to record every vehicle in your fleet’s position, engine information, mileage, speed and other key information.

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Each of our hardware options adds a dimension of smart control to give you an integrated vehicle and driver management support system.

GO Device – GO9 3G

Using Geotab’s patented tracking algorithm, the GO9 accurately recreates vehicle trips and analyzes incidents. The GO9 also offers in-vehicle alerts to instantly notify drivers of infractions and — with hardware Add-Ons — provides live coaching for driver’s on-road performance. The GO9 does not require a dash-mounted antenna or any wire splicing.

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Easy installation. LTE Connectivity (select regions) *. Small form factor device. Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching. Breakthrough collision detection and notification. External device expandability via IOX Technology.  Built-in auto-calibrating accelerometer and gyrometer. Near-real-time vehicle data.  Fast GPS acquisition time using Almanac OTA support. Support for GPS+GLONASS connectivity.

Fuel sensor 1000MM | 1500MM | 700MM

Omnicomm LLS are highly accurate fuel level sensors designed to measure fuel levels in a tank of a vehicle, stationary tankage or diesel generators. Omnicomm level sensors are integrated into the MyGeotab platform, allowing customers to quickly access all fuel statistics as well as all other GEOTAB services from a single screen.

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Omnicomm Fuel Sensors are produced from materials resistant to organic solvents and external influences in a wide temperature range. The measurement part of the sensor (tube) is made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy. Tube construction ensures the cleanliness of the sensor’s internal volume, in case any impurities or paraffins do segregate from the fuel. Electric cable protection against mechanical and atmospheric damages is guaranteed by the sealed metal hose. Vibration resistant sealed connectors, considerably simplifies sensor connection, installation and replacement.

Bestech (GO Device + road speed) | Bestech (GO Device + road speeds+antitheft) | Bestech (Speed limiter + antitheft)

Dynamic Speed limiting including road speeds and zones Also has an anti-hijack function that puts the vehicle in limp mode

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Limp Mode
Speed Limiter

The IOX-ANALOG enables the GO device to read analog signals from a vehicle and its connected accessories. With MyGeotab, the IOX-ANALOG provides near real-time status information for analog sources and delivers notifications, if readouts fall outside of user-defined values.

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Top Features Monitor up to 4 analog inputs Possible uses include: Secondary battery voltages Liquid flow meters Temperature and pressure readings

The IOX-AUXM allows for monitoring of up to 8 signals from your vehicle in real-time — providing additional insight into the condition of your fleet.

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Top Features. Monitor up to 8 inputs at any time with two IOX-AUXMs. Self-learning input triggers.  Supports GND–Float, GND–Driven, and Float–Driven circuits

  • Door
  • Panic
  • Signal

Bluetooth® Low Energy IOX Add-On

The IOX-BT allows monitoring of Bluetooth ® proximity beacons with public MAC addresses and supports select sensor-enabled beacons. Beacons can be attached to tools and equipment to increase asset utilization, reduce impact of misplaced equipment, boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve on-time delivery.

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Top Features.

  • Plug-&-Play.
  • Monitors proximity beacons with public MAC addresses.
  • Also supports sensor data from select beacons.
  • Supports up to 200 in-range beacons.
  • Compatible with the Geotab ® BLE Add-On Protocol. This requires XXX.14.XX firmware or newer

IOX Add-On for G09 for CAN integrations (IOX CAN)

The Geotab GO device is the world’s only expandable plug-&-play vehicle telematics platform that allows for unique IOX expandability. Partner integrations leveraging the IOX-CAN include Mobileye for Driver Distraction Systems and Valor for Reefer Monitoring (Temperature Monitoring) and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems).

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In addition to standard third party interfaces, customers or partners can transmit data through the Geotab GO device utilizing the Third Party Data CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol on our private CAN Bus via the IOX CAN. No initial Handshake is required, the GO device will start processing third party data if it is in the correct format. Once data is sent in the predefined format, it will be saved and sent to MyGeotab as Status Data. The third party CAN interface adjusts its baud rate based on the baud rate of the CAN network it is connected to. There has to be at least one message received by the IOX-CAN in order for the baud rate to be set. Shorting jumper pin A and jumper pin B together will enable the internal 120 Ohm terminating resistor.

  • CAN
  • Integrations


The GO TALK provides real-time feedback to drivers about their safety and performance on the road. With the GO TALK, the fleet manager adds a tool for improving long-term driving skills by notifying the driver when they exceed allowable conditions. The GO TALK aims to improve bad driving habits while forming good ones without overbearing intervention. It pushes drivers to continuously improve their skills through a digital coach in lieu of simple alerts.

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Top Features. Plug-&-Play IOX® to the Geotab® GO device. Provides real-time feedback to drivers. Supports real-time spoken alerts in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Improves driver safety and enhances driving skills


The IOX-NFCREADER integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) with the Geotab ® GO device to help identify which drivers are operating vehicles in a fleet at any given time. Users can utilize MyGeotab to create rules, reports, and exceptions based on individual drivers or vehicles.

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Top Features. Plug-&-Play IOX ® into the Geotab GO device. Driver ID Whitelist. Assigns drivers to vehicles. Enables driver-based reporting. Tracks driver data across different vehicles

G09 3G

Add SMS notification functionality to Exception Rules

Surfsight bundle (CAMERA + GO Device) BASE | PRO | PRO+ | Surfsight Camera | Surfsight Dual Camera

  • FUTURE-PROOF Grows with the needs of your fleet; additional features are released without a hardware upgrade 
  • DISTRACTED DRIVING Innovative MV+AI provide insight into risky driving across fleets 
  • LIVE VIDEO STREAMING Live video streaming from dual, road-facing and driver-facing cameras, provides real-time insights across fleet * 
  • ALERTS AND COACHING Audio and visual alerts for risky driving events 
  • WIFI HOTSPOT Easily connect to IoT device and auxiliary cameras 
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION Quick 10-minute install with multiple options to connect to power 
  • SUPPORT Dedicated personal support and training by our experienced team 
  • ENTRY LEVEL PRICE Surfsight delivers a premium solution at an affordable price

Teltonika FMB920

Teltonika FMB920 is compact and smart tracker with internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated backup battery. FMB920 is designed for light vehicles tracking in applications like insurance telematics, rental cars, recovery of stolen cars, public safety services, delivery transport, taxi and much more. Inputs/outputs extend device usage scenarios. Digital input can be used for ignition, door or alarm button status monitoring. Vehicle remote immobilizing may be achieved using FMB920 digital output.

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  • Door switch
  • Panic
  • SVR
  • Tracking

Personal Tracker – GH5200

The Personal Tracker boasts the following features: 

  1. Two – way voice communication. High-quality voice communication allows for employees to communicate easily without using their mobile devices, which eliminates the potential for the distraction of lone workers, ensures safety, and higher productivity.

  2. Slim design for comfortable everyday use. The devices can simultaneously be worn and used as staff ID badges. The device can be placed on a lanyard or belt as preferred.

  3. Man-Down, Alarm & No Movement scenarios. The man-down and no-movement detection functionality of the Personal Tracker alerts managers to potential accidents of staff members. If these scenarios are detected, an alert can be triggered to the chosen contact call centre.
  4. Up to 5 Call/SMS recipients in case of an emergency event. In the instance that an emergency occurs, the user of the Personal Tracker can trigger a notification to five recipients. The users can opt to message or make a call to the recipients on their emergency contact list, ensuring a swift response in a critical situation.

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Device is designed for everyone who performs activity without close or direct supervision of others: for example healthcare visitors, maintenance workers, lone workers or employees working out of standard working hours. The tracker offers high quality voice communication, programmable LED indications and 1050mAh battery to meet latest legislation for lone workers safety and protection.

GO9 3G

Information on the probability of getting diagnostic data from different Vehicle Types.

Record vehicle information and upload data to systems instantaneously

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