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Geotab Connect

The team recently attended GEOTAB CONNECT 2018 in Toronto, Ontario from June 11-13. We were extremely excited to meet and collaborate with fellow Marketplace partners, who are industry leaders in their respective fields. We were also anxiously awaiting new developments and innovations in the fleet management industry.

Exciting Announcements

Geotab Inc. announced the acquisition of clean-tech solution provider FleetCarma. FleetCarma’s team specializes in providing telematics for hybrid and electric vehicles. Combining these unique EV telematics capabilities with Geotab’s open platform approach offers customers a complete telematics solution for electric vehicle fleet management. Matt Stevens CEO of FleetCarma spoke about the link between adoptions of electric vehicles (EV’s) and telematics. Electric vehicles are a certainty as many countries have issued bans on fossil fuel transportation as soon as 2025 up to 2050.
Geotab Inc. officially launched, a new tool to help enable smart cities and also provide insights for business productivity and safety. The site offers access to multiple near real – time and historical datasets, including weather, urban infrastructure and location analytics, derived from billions of data points collected aggregated to preserve privacy. This will enable us to compare individual client data with their industry’s benchmarks, share insights, patterns and significantly optimize operations.
In Dashboarding with Big Data, Bernard Cheng and Gordana showed new possibilities for working with data in MyGeotab and encouraged fleets to “Go deep into your data”. Gordana introduced two unique features that they are working on for MyGeotab: Snapshot and Drill Through. Snapshot is a handy tool that allows you to take a picture of your dashboard to make note of something interesting, but then go back to what you were doing without interrupting your workflow. Drill Through allows MyGeotab users to navigate to another dashboard or a URL. In essence, you are following the thread to find out what story the data is telling.

Source and Destination

Our Source and Destination solution was extremely well received. With Marketplace Partners showing a keen interest in the range of data we are able to extract from yellow machines and various automated features and functionality such as fuel usage, being able to view a mine holistically and remotely.

Additional Geotab Developments

GO Device Updates:

  • Updated of both universal harness kits – more secure connections.
  • Implementation and change-over dates to be determined.

Rugged Device Updates:

  • Rugged 9 pin universal harness.
  • End to end IP67 rating.
  • Implementation and change-over dates to be determined.

SDK – Software Development Kit

  • You can now find the SDK documentation and all of the examples on GitHub at:

  • Coming soon:

    • Geotab will soon release a dash boarding interface where users will be able to create customised and interactive dashboards on the fly.
    • New functionality in the SDK will allow the user to programmatically run custom reports making it possible to merge different datasets within the MyGeotab platform.


Author: Vishnu Perumalsamy, Managing Director  – Geotab Africa

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