A Fresh Take on Improving Fleet Efficiency


Is it possible to increase driver safety, productivity and fleet efficiency at the same time? How is it done?

Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Geotab, weighed in on that question in an interview for the PwC Canada Vision to Reality Awards, which celebrate innovation in the tech industry. Using telematics technology like Geotab’s, Sutherland says, can help fleets measure and improve vehicle and driver safety, reduce fuel costs, optimize fuel usage, and streamline the work of fleet managers — who already have their hands full with day to day operations.

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The Digital Evolution of Supply Chain, Fleet Management and Logistics


Digitization of supply chain and logistics is imperative in improving efficiencies, reducing costs and providing end-to-end visibility of operations. Businesses should have the ability to reflect on and react to what occurs in real-world supply chain, for example, tracking the condition or location of goods; analysing sensor or real-time traffic data to spot trends; and subsequently triggering appropriate changes.

The challenge most businesses face, is where to start.

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What’s the Big Deal with Big Data and IoT?

Everyone is talking about big data. Maybe it has you thinking, “What is big data and why is it such a big deal?” Big data is not just a buzzword — it is so much more. Big data and IoT are transforming business, and some might even say it’s changing the world.

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Exhibitor Interview Video from Geotab CONNECT 2018

Geotab Connect 2018

This year’s Geotab Connect program covered key industry topics and showcased the latest in technology.

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6 Steps for Data Cleaning and Why it Matters

cleaning progress caution sign in office

So you’re working with data to measure and optimize your fleet program. Have you also added data cleaning to your routine? Here is a quick overview to get you started.

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Geotab Connect

The team recently attended GEOTAB CONNECT 2018 in Toronto, Ontario from June 11-13. We were extremely excited to meet and collaborate with fellow Marketplace partners, who are industry leaders in their respective fields. We were also anxiously awaiting new developments and innovations in the fleet management industry.

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1 M Connected Vehicles: Insight and BI


Your driver, Tim, hops into the company vehicle at 8:30 am and ends his shift at 4:30 pm. During his shift, the vehicle generated data raging from ignition, seatbelt usage, speedometer, gear change, brake, fuel level, fuel fill up, engine warnings, location, vehicle diagnostics, RPM, accident log & other rich & accurate vehicle data. Now multiply that by over a million vehicles driving across the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s a lot of information! GEOTAB collects about 1 billion records a day, this allows Geotab to derive knowledge and insight for clients and the telematics industry.

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Geotab Celebrates 1 Million Subscribers


In just over 15 years, Geotab Inc. has grown from a small, family business to a global leader in solutions for fleet management and vehicle tracking. Now, the company has hit another milestone. Geotab has reached one million subscribers worldwide.

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Engine Diagnostics or GPS Only Tracking: Which is Better?


Diagnostic or nondiagnostic GPS tracking. Which one is better? You may have heard about the benefits of each. This post sets the record straight on why you need true engine diagnostics.

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Is Your GPS Tracker Device Safe?


Concern over the cybersecurity of connected cars has been dominating the news. As everything around us becomes more connected, it’s only natural to ask questions about security. This extends to the connected devices and gear in our cars and trucks. How do you know your gps tracker is safe?

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How to Get Fleet Driver Buy-In on Driver Scorecards

Are you thinking of implementing a fleet driver report card, but afraid of the employee backlash around snooping and “big brothering?” The success of your program can be impacted by the way you introduce scorecards to your team. This article provides some tips on how to communicate the reasons and benefits of driver behavior monitoring so you can get maximum fleet driver buy-in and achieve great results.

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Using the NFC Driver ID as A Tool to both Manage & Incentivise

NFC Driver ID

Geotab’s NFC (Near Field Communication) Driver Identification is an incredible tool that can be used to both incentivise drivers and monitor their behaviour. Any business that utilises a fleet of vehicles and employs multiple drivers, must ensure that their personnel adhere to the safety standards and parameters specified by the company. Managing the latter is simplified with the use of the Geotab NFC Driver ID. 

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Implementing Driver Safety Programs

Implementing Driver Safety Programs

We all have a responsibility to keep our roads safe, in order to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to vehicle collisions. Companies need to positively influence the safety of their drivers on and off the job through safety–focused leadership.

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MyGeotab Business Data for Business Intelligence

MyGeotab Business Data for Business Intelligence

Information Technology (IT) is an important enabler of business success and innovation. In today’s fast-paced business environment, most businesses invest a lot of money in the best and latest tech tools to aid them in making calculated business decisions and supporting their day to day processes. With that said, when your organization/business relies on a fleet (no matter the size) to carry out some or most of its functions, Geotab’s MyGeotab Fleet management software can help you leverage on your business operations and fulfill some key organizational goals.

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Tracking or Fleet Telematics… How to choose?

Tracking vs. Fleet Telematics… How to choose?

By definition, Vehicle Tracking includes the automatic collection of vehicle location data, combined with software that collects these fleet data to provide the user with comprehensive info on the location of all their vehicles. Most Vehicle Tracking devices make use of GPS and/or GLONASS for accurate vehicle location. This GPS position will then be plotted on an electronic map, such as Google Maps, for the user to easily determine where their vehicles are at a specific moment in time. As such, the primary goal of Vehicle Tracking is to monitor the location of a business’ fleet.