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1 M Connected Vehicles: Insight and BI

Your driver, Tim, hops into the company vehicle at 8:30 am and ends his shift at 4:30 pm. During his shift, the vehicle generated data raging from ignition, seatbelt usage, speedometer, gear change, brake, fuel level, fuel fill up, engine warnings, location, vehicle diagnostics, RPM, accident log & other rich & accurate vehicle data. Now multiply that by over a million vehicles driving across the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s a lot of information! GEOTAB collects about 1 billion records a day, this allows Geotab to derive knowledge and insight for clients and the telematics industry.

Big Data, So what?

Yeah, so what? What is the value of big data if you are not using it, why record and store all of this data? Well, the benefits of keeping large amounts of data is so that you can use it to either solve current or future business problems; or reveal possible business ventures. Big data can also be used to find/match interesting correlations between certain entities e.g. you can search “do areas with bad cellular coverage have more accidents?”, “I want to ensure I plan safer routes”, “does temperature affect fuel levels or number of trips in a day?” Big data can play a huge role in answering your questions or helping you draw conclusions and making informed decisions. With the right Business Intelligence/Data Science tools, you can realize the value of big data.

Using Microsoft Power BI to get a geographical representation of cellular dark spots in South Africa from GEOTAB’s Google BigQuery Data set.
Geotab knows the value of big data, and has proved this by using data from different data sources to draw interesting insights. One would think parking is a simple and costless procedure, well it turns out for trucks, searching for parking can be an issue that causes a major strain on driver health and fleet productivity.
Geotab provides you with access to free data that has been aggregated from hundreds of thousands of vehicles with Geotab GO telematics devices worldwide. Governed by Geotab’s Free Data License Agreement, this data is accessible through Google BigQuery. Sign up with a valid Google email account (either Gmail or a Google Enterprise email account) to access the data. To start head onto
Free and open data sets include: Temperature & Pressure; Areas of Idling; Searching For Parking; Location Analytics; Urban Infrastructure and Weather Data.
Author: Mxolisi Zondi, Junior Developer – Geotab Africa
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