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MyGeotab Flexibility Using Satellite Imagery

On a daily basis, there are ground activities on open-cast mines from new roads and new site office locations to mountains blasted away. The maps on the internet are not updated as regularly as the daily changes are occurring on the ground. The MyGeotab application allows clients to supply the latest satellite images of their open-cast mine sites and plantation areas.

These images are incorporated into the software, allowing users to see latest changes on the ground. The satellite map image is overlaid in the MyGeotab application allowing clients to see their live vehicle trips on the latest images supplied.
These regular map updates allow the user to keep track of new gravel roads and recent excavations sites.  With these satellite images, the user can easily update zones and rules to monitor the vehicles\trucks live, based on the updated satellite maps.
Another excellent area to use custom raster maps is for tree plantation areas, assisting clients to keep assets on track with the latest roads and excavated area in the plantation.
Author: Muhamed Mayet, Export Support – Geotab Africa
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