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MyGeotab Autocam AC-300 Integration

Geotab Africa has partnered with Trojan Telematics in conjunction with Autocam, providing a seamless camera integration solution within the MyGeotab platform.

According to global research, four times as many people die while driving to work, than those killed at their physical workplace. This, coupled with the risk of stock shrinkage and investigating incidents, is the reason that in-vehicle video combined with telematics is fast becoming the gold standard for all fleets.
While telematics data gives you certain driving insights, video helps in identifying actual events, making it a powerful tool for fleet operators. Having camera footage assists with driver risk management and driver safety training. In-cab footage quickly identifies any irregular behaviour and activities which can be addressed immediately. Camera footage is invaluable in accident reconstruction reporting. Operations’ effectiveness can be managed in real time. What impeded the delivery to customers, long waiting time at weighbridge or road conditions?
The Autocam Technology Company, who develop and manufacture the camera hardware and software, was founded in 2011. The company had the vision to transform the traditional approach to mobile asset/fleet management by means of tracking and telematics devices, MDVR’s and dashcams. They envisaged a powerful tool for a complex task – a combination of the essential elements of traditional systems coupled with advancements in video and internet technologies – further enhanced by their own innovation and experience in the industry.
The Autocam AC-300 is the powerful commercial grade hardware component of our premium fleet management, tracking and fleet video solution. Thoughtfully engineered to overcome stubborn challenges in the fleet management space and to excel when operating in even the harshest environments.
The Autocam AC-300 Features:

  • Mobile Network Drive Recorder
  • Works with AIR FMS cloud
  • Supports 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Tethering
  • Supports an additional 3rd channel
  • Anti-Tamper design
  • Revolutionary tracking and fleet management
  • Telemetry is accompanied by video and other imagery
  • Realtime track and trace, real-time video streaming
  • Easily installed, low maintenance and reliable
  • Optimized for large-scale deployment

Author: Riaan Grobler, Operations Manager – Geotab Africa
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