A Fresh Take on Improving Fleet Efficiency


Is it possible to increase driver safety, productivity and fleet efficiency at the same time? How is it done?

Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Geotab, weighed in on that question in an interview for the PwC Canada Vision to Reality Awards, which celebrate innovation in the tech industry. Using telematics technology like Geotab’s, Sutherland says, can help fleets measure and improve vehicle and driver safety, reduce fuel costs, optimize fuel usage, and streamline the work of fleet managers — who already have their hands full with day to day operations.

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving


What is distracted driving? It is defined as the act of driving while engaged in other activities, that take the driver’s attention away from the road. As the road accident rate continues to rise in South Africa, we would like to build an awareness about distracted driving as one of the leading causes.

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How to Become a Better Driver


Today’s news regarding car crashes and irresponsible driving has become too common. We hear about accidents on radios and are more likely to witness them in our daily travels. We have seen many drunk drivers swerving wildly on the road; sleepy drivers not waking up after a crash; and those careless drivers who can’t put their phones down for a second.

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Finding Patterns in Accident Data

Telematics makes for a great business tool by being able to identify single safety events, such as a driver speeding or not wearing a seat belt. All this helps fleets to train and work with drivers on reducing safety risks. But telematics can bring even more to the table by helping unfold a larger view on fleet safety.

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The Psychology of Driving

Why do accidents occur? Reckless driving? Unforeseen circumstances? Unfamiliar territory? Whatever the reason, the open road reflects life by placing us in situations where we are forced to act and react in particular ways. Our past experiences and upbringing not only shape our worldview, perceptions, biases, and emotional tendencies, but ultimately, our driving habits as well. This is the psychology of driving.

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Driver Behaviour Impacts Total Cost of Ownership

Truck Driving Safely

Driver and fleet safety are incredibly important here at Geotab and dangerous behaviours of road users, such as excessive speeding, remain important contributory factors in fatal crashes. Driver behaviour and its management can have a great impact on the activity of your fleet, but most of all, the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Is Your GPS Tracker Device Safe?


Concern over the cybersecurity of connected cars has been dominating the news. As everything around us becomes more connected, it’s only natural to ask questions about security. This extends to the connected devices and gear in our cars and trucks. How do you know your gps tracker is safe?

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Using the NFC Driver ID as A Tool to both Manage & Incentivise

NFC Driver ID

Geotab’s NFC (Near Field Communication) Driver Identification is an incredible tool that can be used to both incentivise drivers and monitor their behaviour. Any business that utilises a fleet of vehicles and employs multiple drivers, must ensure that their personnel adhere to the safety standards and parameters specified by the company. Managing the latter is simplified with the use of the Geotab NFC Driver ID. 

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Implementing Driver Safety Programs

Implementing Driver Safety Programs

We all have a responsibility to keep our roads safe, in order to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to vehicle collisions. Companies need to positively influence the safety of their drivers on and off the job through safety–focused leadership.

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#GeotabAfrica: Self Driving Car Technology and the Convergence of Telematics Data Impacts Safety

It was recently reported that the “total accident rate for commercial fleets averages 20 percent ”, and GEOTAB Africa believes that the accident rate in Africa is even higher than this statistic. These are high numbers that has massive socio-economic implications for our communities. We have a responsibility to make vehicles and roads safer.

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#GeotabAfrica Detecting Dangerous Driving Patterns

According to the International Transport Forum, in 2014 there were over one million traffic related fatalities. “Inappropriate behaviour of road users, such as excessive and inappropriate speed, remain important contributory factors in fatal crashes and for injuries.” Reducing dangerous driving plays a critical role in increasing road safety. The Geotab GO6 and GO7 vehicle tracking devices have three main types of data that can be used for determination of dangerous driving:

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#GeotabAfrica – Top 3 Reasons Customers

The Top 3 Reasons Customers Chose GEOTAB

I today asked one of our Business Development Managers to provide me a list of his last weeks customers and why they decided to go with GEOTAB, below are the top reasons for each of the customers (I removed actual names of customers for privacy reasons and replaced with the industry and/or company type)

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Hijackings: Time for Industry Pushback

Hijacking and Fleet Driver Safety

Saw an article on truck hijackings and thought I would add a very brief view on this,  as a conversation starter, I am sure that a book could be written on this subject and that we have great minds in the industry that can address this problem collectively and very effectively, so here we go…

To me the most valuable cargo is in fact not the fuel or the cargo such as cigarettes, but the drivers that drive these trucks.

The criminals involved in these hijackings have on numerous occasions showed how ruthless they can be, and a life lost cannot be brought back, whilst cargo can be insured.