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A Complete Video Telematics Solution for Your Fleet

Video Telematics refers to the use and performance data of your vehicles produced by telematics technologies, incorporated with video footage using road-facing and in-cab camera systems, to back up the driving data about the driver. Read More about Video Telematics.

While using telematics offers a full range of benefits such as fleet tracking, accident prevention and fuel-saving opportunities, using a video telematics system can take your fleet into a new domain of safety, efficiency, productivity and cost-cutting in the following ways:

  1. Better Insight into What Your Drivers Do with Your Vehicles
  2. Improve Driver Road Compliance 
  3. Enhanced Driver Coaching with Real-world Video Evidence
  4. Review Collisions and Disputes Relating to Accidents
  5. Improve Operational Efficiency

Video Telematics Solution Features:

  • Simplify compliance
  • Improve driver safety
  • Detect risky and coachable driving trends
  • Configurable camera views
  • Connect Multiple Cameras
  • On-Demand Lookback
  • MV+AI Triggers
  • Driver Coaching Platform

Video Telematics Solution Benefits:

  • Single sign on technology (SSO):
    • Single sign on experience in MyGeotab (Geotab’s User Interface)
    • A common Vehicle ID is used to synchronize information
  • Seamless integration of the Lytx video & Geotab map
    • Access video without leaving the Geotab environment
    • Click breadcrumb trail on map in map and launch into video for that vehicle
  • Dedicated Customer Support

DriveRisk, as the sole African and Australasian distributor for Lytx, global leaders in video telematics, is introducing a revolutionary, comprehensive solution to the South African and Australasian markets. Built on a foundation of innovative risk prediction, fleet risk management is now uncomplicated.

Lytx and Geotab have collaborated to offer the best of breed video solutions and the best telematics integrated in one easy-to-use platform. With this integrated platform customers can save time and money while meeting compliance regulations, increase driver safety—while efficiently managing their fleet. Get the video solution that’s right for your client’s fleet alongside Geotab’s robust telematics solutions.

Lytx DashCam

Lytx DashCam Features
Lytx DashCam Features

Driver Safety Program

  1. Wide-Angle Driver and Street Views: The SF Series EVR sports wide-angle lenses, capturing exception-based video clips. Clearer picture quality that won’t cost you your bottom line.
  2. Integrated Microphone: Records inside and outside sound when triggered.
  3. Night Illumination: 8 high-lumen infrared lights for clear video in low light.
  4. Automatic Event Uploads: Events upload daily to Lytx for review.
  5. Manual Record Buttons: Lets drivers capture events on demand, as needed.
  6. Automatic Device Updates: Over-the-air system and firmware updates.

Lytx DriveCam Hub – No Blind Spots

Lytx DriveCam Hub

Lytx + Geotab Africa Integration Demo

Single Sign On
Single sign on experience in MyGeotab (Geotab’s User Interface)

Lytx Video Platform

  1. Lytx Video Services: A combination of event recorder, EVR and software, designed to keep fleets efficient, productive and profitable.
  2. On Demand Access Cloud Based Live Stream: When you need the full story, access 100 hours of extended video on our cloud-based portal, and provide more detail of an event reconstruction.
  3. Remote Wake Up: Access your recorded video even when your vehicle is in hibernation mode.
  4. Streamlined Installation: Small form factor provides installers with multiple discrete placement options to suit vehicle types.
  5. Coachable Events: Unlimited 30 second exception-based video event extension.

Adopting the Video Telematics Solution offers a range of information as visual proof supported by telematics data.

Author: The Geotab Africa Team

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