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Tracking Industry Scam Alert: Client Vehicle Theft

Business Insider SA has recently reported that customers of tracking companies are being targeted in a new tracking industry scam. Thieves posing as technicians from various tracking companies, are requesting that clients allow them to assess supposed faulty tracking units and ultimately make off with the clients’ vehicles. Clients should familiarize themselves with their tracking company’s processes and procedures.

4 Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Scams

The Watchdog Report for Device Health

The Watchdog report, available to MyGeotab fleet management software users, shows you the health of your device. It is a quick snapshot to help you see that your vehicles are either communicating or that they are offline. This report allows you to manage your vehicle uptime and productivity. And lastly, to take the necessary steps to address possible device installation issues or vehicle issues efficiently, within the fleet. Read More on the Watchdog Report.

The Watchdog Report is available for downloaded by going to Vehicles > Report, then click on watchdog report. This will only be visible if Show report in dropdown list is set to Yes in the Report view settings of the report.

Remote Device Testing

Once a problem is identified utilizing the relevant reporting, our technicians are able to troubleshoot potential problems remotely, prior to booking a check and repair with a fleet client. Furthermore, if the data is not recording accurately a support ticket is raised, for the client’s reference.

Top Telematics Faults:

  • Device Restarted
  • The Device has been unplugged
  • Low Priority Warning Light On
  • General Vehicle Warning Light Is On
  • Accident Limit for Acceleration Exceed
  • Remove Device and GPS Module Not Responding

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) Services Security Questions

SVR services often require security questions to verify the identity of the client or make use of a passcode prior to logging a client query.

Verifying Technician Employment 

If clients feel uneasy or suspicious about their interaction with a company representative, they should confirm their employment with the company directly. Clients are allocated a key accounts manager, which they can contact. Clients should also note that tracking company technician vehicles are generally branded.

Author: The Geotab Africa Team

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