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Preventing Dangerous Driver Behaviour with Exception Rules

Exception rules are conditions which outline the behaviour of a driver. When a driver breaks a rule, an exception is recorded. Various exceptions can be set up for specified users in MyGeotab.
The MyGeotab application offers a robust suite of built-in exceptions, which are separated into different categories. New custom rules can also be created depending on a company’s specific needs.

Common built-in exceptions:

  • Speeding
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Idling
  • Seat belt
  • Possible Accident

Exception Rule Notifications

When an exception rule is broken, you have choice to send out automatic notifications to the relevant parties via email, in app notifications or in-vehicle audible alerts.

  • An email notification example, to one or more recipients:

DK 34 NW GP – 2014 – NISSAN X-TRAIL SN: GVF620CAFBE5() broke “Speeding Over 130km/h” rule at 3:09:02 PM 08/28/17.

  • An alert that is displayed inside the MyGeotab application to a specified user:

MyGeotab in app alert displayed to a specified user

  • An audible in-vehicle alert from the Geotab GO7 Telematics Device.

Exceptions Reporting

The fleet manager can review history reports which will assist in picking up trends and behaviours of their drivers.
Select the Rules & Groups option in the main menu; in order to be able to pull a report of all exception rules that have been broken within a selected time-period.
The Options button opens a set of parameters used to refine the search criteria for exceptions. The Exceptions report can be run broadly across all vehicles and dates. A Specific exception rule can also be run for a certain vehicle, driver and time period.
Exceptions Reporting in MyGeotab
Below is a summary of a vehicle and the different rules that were broken:
Exceptions Reporting on Broken Rules
Author: Boitumelo Mothlele, Control Room Operator – GEOTAB AFRICA

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