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Geotab Celebrates 1 Million Subscribers


In just over 15 years, Geotab Inc. has grown from a small, family business to a global leader in solutions for fleet management and vehicle tracking. Now, the company has hit another milestone. Geotab has reached one million subscribers worldwide.

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MyGeotab Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction with telematics is the process of using telematics data to understand the events that occurred before, during, and after a collision.

Telematics data is highly valuable because it provides an accurate, scientific record of events. It allows you to go beyond word-of-mouth testimony. The granularity of the data can tell you many things about the accident. Telematics makes it possible to gain a broader perspective by looking at the historical patterns for a specific driver or vehicle.

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Preventing Dangerous Driver Behaviour with Exception Rules

Setting up Exception Rules in MyGeotab

Exception rules are conditions which outline the behaviour of a driver. When a driver breaks a rule, an exception is recorded. Various exceptions can be set up for specified users in MyGeotab.

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Moveable Asset Tracking with the IOX Bluetooth Add-On

Asset Tracking with Telematics


Introducing IOX Bluetooth: A Customizable Way to Track your Assets.
Introducing IOX Bluetooth: A Customizable Way to Track your Assets.

As the telematics and vehicle tracking industry evolves, the need for more information and better management tools is increasing as clients become more educated and dependant on these solutions.

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Tracking or Fleet Telematics… How to choose?

Tracking vs. Fleet Telematics… How to choose?

By definition, Vehicle Tracking includes the automatic collection of vehicle location data, combined with software that collects these fleet data to provide the user with comprehensive info on the location of all their vehicles. Most Vehicle Tracking devices make use of GPS and/or GLONASS for accurate vehicle location. This GPS position will then be plotted on an electronic map, such as Google Maps, for the user to easily determine where their vehicles are at a specific moment in time. As such, the primary goal of Vehicle Tracking is to monitor the location of a business’ fleet.

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#GeotabAfrica – Fuel Increases Require Cost Control

Petrol Price Increase

Petrol Price to Increase 47c Litre

The Department of Energy on Friday 29th May 2015 announced that the price of fuel will increase by 47 cents per litre for all grades of fuel. April 2015 saw a price increase of R1.62 and remained unchanged in may 2015.

It seems that we are now entering the expected correction period in global crude prices as the US stockpiles reduced for a second consecutive week, and the unrest in the Middle East will also not bode well for oil prices continuing the downward trend driven by OPEC and the US drive in greater oil production, only time will tell.

The fact is that fuel price increases is forecasted to continue over the next financial period, and business would have to continue to drive cost saving and monitoring measures on fuel cost drivers.