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Is Your GPS Tracker Device Safe?


Concern over the cybersecurity of connected cars has been dominating the news. As everything around us becomes more connected, it’s only natural to ask questions about security. This extends to the connected devices and gear in our cars and trucks. How do you know your gps tracker is safe?

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The crucial role of the SIM card in a Geotab device

The crucial role of the SIM card in the Geotab device


A SIM card might seem like an insignificant part of the hardware that works with your unit, but it plays one of the most crucial roles in ensuring your data gets through to you.

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Tracking or Fleet Telematics… How to choose?

Tracking vs. Fleet Telematics… How to choose?

By definition, Vehicle Tracking includes the automatic collection of vehicle location data, combined with software that collects these fleet data to provide the user with comprehensive info on the location of all their vehicles. Most Vehicle Tracking devices make use of GPS and/or GLONASS for accurate vehicle location. This GPS position will then be plotted on an electronic map, such as Google Maps, for the user to easily determine where their vehicles are at a specific moment in time. As such, the primary goal of Vehicle Tracking is to monitor the location of a business’ fleet.