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Geotab GO Talk Device

The Go Talk device is a driver awareness tool that transforms the way driver coaching happens behind the wheel. It provides real-time verbal feedback to the driver, increasing safety and minimizing risk.
Input/output expanders (IOX) plug directly into the Geotab Go device and are used to extend the Go device to such an extent that Geotab is able to find solutions for businesses to adapt as their fleet grows.The Go Talk device delivers spoken instructions to the driver from inside the vehicle. It combines GPS tracking, accelerometer, diagnostic, and other manager programmable data including time of day and location zones.
The Go Talk device can issue coaching notifications to drivers for events such as:

  • Driving with the seat belt unfastened.
  • Entering a restricted area.
  • Driving excessive hours or out of state.
  • Excessive idling, speeding, harsh braking, and other risky driving behaviors.

How does the Go talk work?

Whenever a driver violates a rule, set by the fleet manager, it “speaks” to the driver and describes exactly what was done wrong. While some rules come with pre-set alerts, managers are also able to create their own, and as a result have highly customized messages spoken to the driver.
The Go Talk facilitates the commitment to Safety and Driver Feedback. The Go Talk provides real time spoken alerts to driver using text-to-speech, based on predefined rules. Read more on driver and fleet safety here.
Any rules used for a Go device, can be used with the Go Talk. Immediate feedback is given to the driver.

Who should use the Go Talk?

GO TALK is the perfect solution for any fleet that wants to give more information to their drivers regarding their driving behaviours. This will empower drivers with helpful, real-time feedback and will allow them to improve their behaviours over time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time spoken driver feedback
  • Customize text-to-speech messages for drivers
  • Provide drivers with step to improve driving habits
  • Improve fleet safety
  • Plug-and Play, quick installation
  • Supports multiple languages

For fleet drivers, in-vehicle coaching helps them become better all-around drivers. Coaching means fewer violations, less speeding, and less bent metal. The fleet becomes easier to manage and incidents are avoided.

What makes the Go Talk Unique?

The main advantage of the Go Talk spoken alerts (versus buzzers) is that it tells the driver exactly what to correct, whether it is speeding or taking corners too fast.
The great number of rules that can be set up for driver notifications makes the Go talk unique. Everything from sharp cornering and acceleration, over RPM, speeding compared to posted limits, auto arrival at customer sites, to entering dangerous zones.
Author: Leonard Maphiri, Technician – Geotab Africa
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