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5 Key Add-ons that make your Telematics Solution more Powerful

Integrate Third-Party Hardware into One Connected Telematics Platform

Fleet management solutions have evolved beyond simple GPS tracking systems. The world of fleet IoT is developing rapidly. Integrated fleet technology enables fleet managers to consolidate fleet data into one platform. This allows the data to become comparable leading to key insights and operational efficiency.

The Geotab GO device expansion port allows fleets to connect additional hardware required. The IOX expansion technology provides a means for third-party devices to integrate with Geotab and allows partners to bring in data, helping fleet managers meet their operational requirements.

We explore 5 key add-ons that make the Geotab fleet management solution more powerful and are seamlessly integrated into the MyGeotab environment.

1. Add-on: Driver ID – Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

The Driver ID allows fleet managers to monitor which driver is operating which vehicle, vehicle performance based on the driver, and see where each driver is at any moment. Authorised drivers can simply tap a key to sign into their vehicle using the Near Field Communication reader.

Identification is important in the management of driving behaviour as drivers may switch vehicles, use multiple vehicles, or have multiple drivers using a single vehicle in some fleets. By monitoring driver behaviour, fleet operators can implement driver training programs or introduce gamification that rewards exemplary drivers. Read more about the Advantages of using NFC.

2. Add-on: External Buzzer

While the GO9 has a built-in buzzer for driver feedback, the IOX-Buzz is an external buzzer which makes in-vehicle feedback louder to hear for those working in noisy environments. To improve the sound quality of in-vehicle alerts, audio feedback is heard from both the GO device and external buzzer, ensuring the driver receives the alerts despite engine noise.

3. Add-on: GO Talk

Provide drivers with real-time spoken alerts to ensure they comply with predefined regulations that promote safe driving practices, productivity, and minimize cost. Information is relayed to your drivers using the IOX GO-TALK. Improve driving habits by empowering drivers with helpful, real time feedback for events such as:

  • Driving with the seat belt unfastened.
  • Entering a restricted area.
  • Driving excessive hours or out of state.
  • Excessive idling, speeding, harsh braking, and other risky driving behaviours.

4. Add-on: GARMIN

Garmin expands conventional fleet management with solutions that are simple while ensuring effective communication and efficiency. Garmin FMI capabilities range from very basic (messaging/job dispatch) to more advanced control and interaction (sensor alerts, HOS). Learn more about the Garmin Integration.

5. Add-on: In-cab Camera

Increase driver safety and gain complete visibility of your fleet with video telematics. Video telematics can provide a full picture of how and why an incident occurred. More importantly, it can identify risky and coachable driving behaviours and prevent incidents from occurring. Read four criteria to assist fleet operators in determining whether they require a video telematics solution.

Geotab customers can benefit from our growing partner network. The Geotab Marketplace is an extensive ecosystem of various third-party hardware solutions, designed to help your business thrive.

Author: The Geotab Africa Team

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