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Garmin Integration

Garmin Integration

GEOTAB is all about offering our customers ease of use and technology that improves the way they operate. The IOX-GARMIN provides a method for customers who specifically use dispatchers to communicate with their drivers.

The GARMIN device is easily connected to the GO Device using the IOX-GARMIN. Different models exist for different markets and can also optionally include traffic information. Once connected, the driver can use the GARMIN as an interface for communication with the dispatcher. It can be used to send routes and “stops” data to the driver for faster communication, increasing the efficiency of the fleet. The GARMIN device can also be used to record electronic HOS (hours of service) logs and eliminates the need for paper records.

Fleets that rely on drivers and make multiple deliveries per trip will benefit the most from the integration of a GARMIN Device through IOX-GARMIN. It will help you best optimize a route for a driver and send it down to the GARMIN device remotely.

The IOX-GARMIN can also be used by fleets and companies that rely on having a basis of navigation for their drivers and also keep in communication with them by sending messages to the GARMIN device with instructions and directions.

Features & Benefits

  • Two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Dispatchers can send stops and routes directly to the vehicle
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Touch screen communication for drivers
  • Communications are verified and time-stamped
  • All driver information is displayed on a map
  • Garmin Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Plug-and-play, quick installation

Garmin expands conventional fleet management with solutions that are simple while ensuring effective communication and efficiency. Garmin FMI capabilities range from very basic (messaging/job dispatch) to more advanced control and interaction (sensor alerts, HOS).

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