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4 Criteria for Implementing a Video Telematics Solution

Check our four criteria below to assist in determining if your fleet requires a video telematics solution.

1. Does your fleet experience a high number of high-risk incidents or accidents?

Whilst telematics can provide details about a vehicle’s speed and location, video telematics provide visual details showing how and why the incident occurred. The system can also alert a driver when a risky event occurs in real time, giving them immediate feedback and awareness of their actions on the road.

2. Is there a need to exonerate your drivers with irrefutable proof or evidence in case of accidents?

The use of video data can tell the whole story of any incident, experienced by drivers whilst on the road. It can quickly determine who was at fault and exactly what the root-cause behaviour of a collision or near-miss may be. With both an inside and outside lens to capture both the driver’s behaviour and what occurs on the road ahead, video acts as an unbiased witness to any incident, showing all parties’ actions, whether the driver was alert or not, what action did he take during the incident and whether the event could have been avoided. Exoneration not only protects a company’s reputation but can protect a fleet from paying out unnecessary claims.

3. Do you want to reduce your overall fleet risk profile, insurance and operational costs?

Risk reduction not only equates to reduced insurance costs but to lower operational costs as well. By utilising video data to change driver behaviour, fleets have the ability to focus on minimizing risky driving behaviour such as following too closely, which can not only lead to collisions, but to high incidents of harsh braking, causing wear and tear and generally high vehicle maintenance costs. Creating safer drivers can boost a company’s bottom line. Read more about the impact of driver behaviour on collisions.

4. Do you want to change driver behaviour and empower your fleet managers with powerful video coaching tools?

Training and coaching of drivers should be an ongoing process in any fleet. By utilising video and intelligent reporting dashboards that prioritise the highest risky drivers or behaviours, fleet managers can effectively and timeously address risky behaviours that need change. Video is a powerful training tool to continuously train and heighten drivers’ awareness, improving their skills and turning good drivers into great drivers.

Author: Rene Goslin, Marketing Coordinator – DriveRisk

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