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MyGeotab Grouping

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that is available to all Geotab customers, see all your vehicle and driver information in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business. Certain MyGeotab users have specific roles to perform within their company. Grouping is a way of distinguishing between users, within different departments, in a specific company.

The MyGeotab software has the functionality to group the vehicles in a company. This allows the user to have certain rights, and in this case, can view certain vehicles. This makes their job much easier and users can now only view vehicles that fall under their control.

How the Grouping Structure Works

The Company group

This is normally the parent group, and all other groups will fall under this group. From here we can have groups such as Delivery, Collection, Sales and Technical, depending on the company’s requirements.


You are then able to add subgroups under the children groups of the company group. For example, we can add delivery and perhaps the location. It will look as follows: Delivery CPT; Delivery JHB; Delivery DBN etc. If we look at the structure, we can say it will look similar to that of a family tree.

We can now add users and vehicles to the grouping structure, allowing the end user access to certain vehicles, and not the entire fleet. Any changes that need to be made will only affect that specific group.

Grouping is a great way of dividing and subdividing users, and granting them access to what they need to see.

Author: Xavier Hannie, Technical Support Western Cape – Geotab Africa
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