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Geotab Policies and Procedures

Policies are important in a workplace as it helps reinforce and clarify the standards expected of employees and help employers manage staff more effectively as it defines what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace.
Processes provide a blueprint for the business, stating who’s responsible for each step and how and when they should complete it.
When new Units are ordered the sales team will supply the following documentation to Finance (NEW or EXISTING clients):


This document is used to determine the order quantity as well as pricing structures.

  • BANKING DETAILS (or confirmation of EFT payments)

This document is used as confirmation/authorization to debit the customer’s account for both monthly subscriptions and hardware.

  • PURCHASE ORDER (where applicable)

The PO is used when invoicing. It also serves as additional confirmation of the order placed.


This document is used to register the SIM CARD.

  • VEHICLE DETAILS (if available)

This document will determine the type of harness supplied and also what kind of installation will be required.

  • CGIC (Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation)

With this document we can ensure that our hardware is Insured, in the event of non-payment, insolvency, liquidation etc. by any business.


This document serves as confirmation by both parties that they agree to the terms of the contract.
All the above must be duly signed by an authorized person in the Organization.
A unit is generally de-installed for the following reasons, but not limited to:

  • Unit upgrade
  • Client cancellation
  • Vehicle involved in an accident or sold

There are a number of options available to the client regarding de-installations i.e Unit may be re-installed in another vehicle
When a client request a de-installation, the technical coordinator should receive an instruction in writing / signed quote before a Technician is dispatched.
A unit is generally re-installed after it was removed from a vehicle that was sold or written off in an accident.
A technician is dispatched to do on-site troubleshooting, after the technical coordinator receives a request from client.
This is usually offered to a prospective client who expresses the wish to first test our units before purchasing

  • The correct paperwork must be completed and signed by the relevant parties.
  • Payment for a POC must be made before same is installed, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.
  • The test period should last for 30 days, unless otherwise agreed, after which our units will be removed or converted to a sale.


  • Should a unit be found to be irreparable and said unit is within the warranty period, a new unit will be supplied and fitted at no charge to the client.
  • Should the unit be out of warranty, the customer will be expected to complete the Sales Pack for a New Unit.


  • When an order is received and approved by Finance an instruction is forwarded to Stores, to pick, pack and ship, depending on the location of installation.
  • Job cards are then opened by Finance using SERIAL NUMBERS and prepared by the Technical Coordinator.


  • A job card must be completed by the technician immediately after any task has been performed.
  • The technician will ensure that all relevant information is completed on the job card to ensure accurate invoicing.

INVOICING (Hardware)

  • An invoice will be processed as soon as notification of completed task is received or unless otherwise requested by a customer.
  • Finance will ensure that all relevant information appears on the invoice, as required by SARS and/or stipulated by the client.
  • All processed invoices will be forwarded to the customer for payment and a copy filed for later referencing and Audit purposes.

INVOICING (Recurring billing – subscriptions / Rental – payment plans)

  • Subscription invoices are processed in the beginning of the month for the month.
  • A GO DEVICE report is one of the source documents used to ascertain the amount to be billed.
  • Rental invoices are also processed in the beginning of the month.
  • With both monthly subscriptions and rental billing the amounts differ from month to month depending on the activity on a customer’s database (new units, cancellations etc).

Author: Roderick Forbes, Senior Inventory and Billing Administrator – Geotab Africa
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