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6 Key Updates in the MyGeotab Telematics Platform

MyGeotab Telematics Platform has recently been updated to version 2101. Users can check that they are on the correct version by logging on to the system and following these steps:  Administration > About. The build number should look as follows: release. Read more about the six new features in the MyGeotab platform.

1. Vehicles in MyGeotab

Adding Vehicles without Serial Numbers

Vehicles can now be added into MyGeotab without the serial number of their respective device. Please note that the data collected on the vehicle will be limited whilst the telematics device installation is pending. This feature is beneficial in uploading information whilst awaiting device installation, and can be used for the following scenarios:

  1. The vehicle can be added onto the system and information such as appropriate name, groups and license plate can be added.
  2. Users are able to inspect assets or schedule relevant maintenance reminders for them.

Users can select from three vehicle activity statuses on the Vehicles page:

  • Active with a tracking device
  • Active without a tracking device
  • Archived

2. Live Maps

Hide Vehicle and Driver Name on the Map

MyGeotab Users are able to hide a vehicle’s name and/or the driver’s name when viewing them on the MyGeotab map. This feature is beneficial to fleets with many in close proximity of each other. The name of the vehicle can be seen by hovering your mouse over a point on the map.

3. Standard Reporting

Individual Reporting

MyGeotab users were previously only able to select Groups for reporting. They are now able to generate reports for individual recipients, for both dashboard and email reports. Learn more about running reports in MyGeotab.

4. Driver Trips

Trips History Replay

The new Replay feature, located under Maps, allows replay of past trips. This feature can be applied to single or multiple vehicles and allows you to review aspects of a trip.

The vehicle’s previous trip and current trip can be viewed simultaneously for comparison. Check out more standard reporting in MyGeotab.

5. Business Rules

Reprocessing Data for Select Rules

Users are able to select specific rules for evaluation, when requesting a reprocess of data. Rules set for a specific time period, will not have been erased.

Improved speed limit data for trucks

Speed limits can now be added to a group of vehicles. This eliminates the process of applying the rule to each vehicle and caters for new vehicles added. Users can set up vehicle-specific speed limits on the Rules page. Simply select the Conditions tab, then click the Add speed limit button and toggle speed limit to Yes.

Custom vehicle speed limits can be viewed on the Map for specific road segment. Select the road segment by clicking this section on the map. The general posted speed limit is shown on the left and the vehicle-specific speed limit is shown on the right. Either speed limit can be updated by selecting Update posted road speed from the list.

These vehicle-specific speed limits are also applied to the Speeding exception report, for your convenience.

6. Scheduled Maintenance Reminders

Maintenance & Reminders Bulk Upload

Users are able to utilise the bulk upload feature in order to import previous maintenance records in MyGeotab. Simply download the Excel template provided to upload your records.

Existing features have also been redesigned in order to assist users in scheduling preventive maintenance, receiving reminders about upcoming and overdue maintenance and logging completed maintenance. Read more about using telematics data to ensure vehicle maintenance.

Viewing all Reminder Rules

A new Maintenance Reminder Setup page has been added. Users can view all scheduled maintenance reminders in one place. Upcoming maintenance reminders can be viewed by navigating to Engine & Maintenance, then Maintenance and Reminder Setup. Details such as maintenance type, frequency and number of vehicles can be viewed for each maintenance reminder.

Adding a Maintenance Reminder

Navigate to Engine & Maintenance, select Maintenance then Reminder Setup and Add Reminder.

Conditions such as time or usage can be added to a reminder, using the odometer or engine hours. Once-off reminders can also be created. And lastly, the relevant vehicles for the reminder can easily be selected from the Add Vehicles tab.

Selecting Upcoming Maintenance Work to View

The Upcoming Maintenance page allows users to view their maintenance schedule. Utilise the filters and sorting tools for vehicle, maintenance type, status and reminders to efficiently access the information required. Select Engine & Maintenance, followed by Maintenance and Upcoming.

Logging Completed Maintenance

Easily log completed maintenance work by clicking the Complete button next to the maintenance record on the Upcoming Maintenance page, then add the details required on the Edit page.

Viewing Completed Maintenance Records

The Filter feature allows for viewing specific records.

Author: The Geotab Africa Team

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