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IOX Expansion Makes Your Geotab Fleet Management Solution More Powerful

By connecting additional hardware Add-Ons to the GO device, businesses can expand their fleet tracking solution to cater to specific business requirements. The Geotab platform further allows for third-party hardware integration. Learn more about IOX Expansion.

IOX-OUTPUT Add-On for Relay Control

The IOX-OUTPUT is programmed to receive on/off commands from MyGeotab, through the GO device. It can be programmed to trigger any condition required. It allows the Geotab GO device to control a relay in the vehicle, in real-time. When a predefined condition is met within MyGeotab, such as the vehicle entering a dangerous zone, an external light, buzzer, or different types of switches, can be triggered. Read more about Geotab Hardware.

  1. Remote Foam Triggering Solution

A client within the security industry utilises a foam solution to create a barrier around high-value cargo in the cab, in an emergency. Previously, the foam could only be triggered by drivers inside the vehicle cab. The client requested that we implement a solution that allows fleet controllers to trigger the foam remotely.

Using the IOX-OUTPUT, the fleet manager can easily select the respective vehicle in MyGeotab and send an on-command to the GO Device to activate the foam system.

The GO device and IOX-OUTPUT trigger the in-vehicle controls relay. The trigger is linked to the customer’s system and activates the mixer to release the solution.

2. Limp Mode Solution

A client in the construction industry, required a solution to prevent the theft of staff transport vehicles on-site.

In addition to our Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) solution, that assists in recovering a stolen vehicle, an IOX-OUTPUT Add-On was utilised to place the stolen vehicle into Limp Mode. Limp Mode limits the revs, speed and torque of a vehicle in order to slow it down safely. This allows for the recovery team to reach the vehicle quickly. Read more on how the IOX-Output puts vehicles into limp mode.

IOX-CAN Add-On for Third-party Products

Fleets using third-party products can integrate into the Geotab system using the IOX-CAN. The IOX-CAN will allow fleets to gather information from unique hardware and transmit it to MyGeotab.

A client in the equipment hiring industry required a solution that prevented hired equipment from being stolen.

The Geotab Acuity device and switches were added to the use of third-party telematics devices, through their auxiliary capability. Tamper-proof switches were installed onto the cover of each machine to detect tampering and possible removal of the tracking device from the machine. Furthermore, the Acuity or SVR unit allowed the recovery of the machine.

The IOX Input/Output Expander continuously grows as new hardware and software applications are added.

Author: The Geotab Africa Team

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