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Geotab Built-in Reports

Reports constitute an essential part of managing a fleet. This because they simplify vehicle data and tell you exactly what is happening in your business. This then allows the fleet managers to gain knowledge that will help them increase their ROI. Geotab’s advanced fleet management platform has about 36 built-in reports. Each report comprises of two or three or four sub-reports, which sums up to over 80 reports.

You may have come across some of these reports and did not know what kind of data you can get from them. In this blog, we will explain the purpose of each report and where you can find them on MyGeotab.

Below is a table that lists all of the reports available on MyGeotab: 

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Audit Log

The audit log report is used to see who is using your system and what they are doing in it. This will help you to see who is editing your vehicle configurations and changing user settings. 

Report Location: Administration/System/Audit Log

Congregation Report

This report will help to show which vehicles are congregating. You can specify the distance from one vehicle to another, the minimum number of congregating vehicles and minimum overlap period.

Report Location: Activity/Driver Congregation

Customer Visits Detail / Customer Visits Summary

For this report, you are first required to add zones (geofence) on the MyGeotab map. The report will then indicate how long your vehicles have stopped in all the configured zones. The zones can include customer sites, residential areas and office parks.

Report Location: Zones & Messages/Customer Visits.


The Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is a formal report which confirms that a driver has completed an inspection on a commercial motor vehicle. Drivers must complete pre-trip and post-trip inspections and detail any mechanical defects they encounter. These inspections play an important part in improving road safety while ensuring fleet compliance.

Report Location: Engine & Maintenance/DVIR

Device Report

Within this report you will find a list of all your vehicles which will include the current reading of the odometer, serial number of the vehicle and so on. There is also the Watchdog Report that can be used to test the status of the unit.

Report Location: Vehicles

Diagnostic List / Engine Fault / Engine Status

This report gives you critical engine data from the vehicle. This includes data on fuel usage, fill-ups, engine diagnostics, engine faults (DTCs), plus seat belt usage, odometer reading, and accurate idling data.

Report Location: Engine & Maintenance

Exceptions Detail / Exceptions Summary

This report displays all the broken road rules that you have setup. It shows you where each rule was broken and provides a summary of how many times each rule was broken.

Report Location: Rules & Groups/Exceptions

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Fill-Up Report / Fuel and EV Energy Usage

A fill-up event occurs every time fuel is added to the vehicle. The Fill-Ups report displays all fill-up events for a selected period. The Fuel Usage report displays the vehicles fuel consumption. The Energy Usage report is for Electric vehicles. It shows the power consumption of the vehicle.  

Report Location: Engine & Maintenance/Fuel and EV Energy Usage

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HOS Availability

HOS means Hours of Service.The report lists all the drivers in your fleet, their availability and duty status limits.

Report Location: Activity/HOS/ Availability.

HOS Violation

The report provides a list of all the HOS violations that have occurred in your fleet within a selected period. 

Report Location: Activity/HOS/Violations.

Reminder Report

Fleet managers can only receive this report if they have set-up reminders for vehicle service. The report shows pending reminders and ones that are overdue.

Report Location: Engine & Maintenance/Reminders

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Risk Management

This report provides a lot more detail on each vehicle. So, depending on the options you have selected for the time frame, the report shows total distance driven, idling time, total after hours trips, total stops less than 10m,20m,30m and many more.

Report Location: Activity/Risk Management

Route Comparison Detail

This report compares planned routes vs actual routes the vehicle took.

Report Location: Zones & Messages/Routes/Planned Vs Route Report

Text Message

All the messages sent to a Garmin device or unit are displayed in this report.

Report Location: Zones & Messages/Messages

Time Card

The report is used to see where the driver/vehicle started and ended their day.

Report Location: Activity/Work Hours/Time Card Report

Trips Detail

The report gives users a detailed view of all historic trip information, such as trip start time and trip stop time, stop address, stop duration, idling time etc.

Report Location: Map/Trip History

Trips Summary

The report gives users a summarized view of all historic trip information, including fleet performance. It visualizes data in a meaningful way that it allows users to quickly compare how well (or poorly) their vehicles, drivers or groups are performing as a whole and in relation to each other.

Report Location: Map/trip history/Summary

User List

This report displays all users and drivers on MyGeotab.

Report Location: Administration/Users

Zone List

The report displays all zones added on MyGeotab. It also includes co-ordinates for each zone.

Report Location: Zones & Messages/Zones

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Author: Aaron Mokoatlo – Software Support – Geotab Africa 

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