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Telematics with Integrated Camera Technology

According to Truck & Freight, commercial fleets account for 20% of the annual rate of accidents.

Accident prevention is one of the most important aspects of road safety, fleet productivity and cost reduction. To prove this, we will give you three scenarios of accidents. In the first scenario, your driver rear-ends a stationary vehicle at a traffic light, due to distracted driving. As a result, your company is now one vehicle down and faces an estimated cost of R50,000 for the repairs to that vehicle; as well as the third-party vehicle.

In the second scenario, your driver is speeding, driving 120km/h in 100km/h zone, and he is about to make a lane change to overtake the vehicle in front of him. He hits another vehicle in the process, because he did not check his blind spot. Your fleet is missing another vehicle and again the business is liable for the damages.

In the last scenario, your driver fails to yield before entering a traffic circle and he crashes into the side of another vehicle.

Now, what do all of these three events have in common?

Well, the most obvious fact is that all these incidents could have been prevented, particularly since the drivers failed to engage in safe driving behaviour. Moreover, there is no driving data or video footage to attest to what actually happened or help you connect the dots. And even if your vehicles had telematics devices, you would not be able to see or prove that the driver in the first scenario, for instance, was guilty of distracted driving.   

Get Geotab’s Sophisticated Telematics Device Together with AI-powered Camera Technology from Surfsight 

Our goal at Geotab Africa is to help you reduce the chances of your drivers being involved in accidents, by providing you with end-to-end telematics solutions. These include mobile apps, software add-ins and hardware add-ons, intended to help you improve your drivers’ actions on the road and effectively manage your fleet. In light of this, we are pleased to launch Geotab’s advanced fleet telematics device together with Surfsight’s AI-Powered Dashcam. This integration will turn your driving data into actionable insights helping you to easily identify areas of improvement that may be affecting your company’s health and profitability.

Read more about the benefits of integrating telematics with a camera system.

The Features and Benefits of Geotab’s Advanced Fleet Management System

Geotab’s telematics system is an innovative, user-friendly fleet management platform which allows you to track the movement of your fleet from anywhere, at any time. Using patent curve logging technology for capturing and transmitting driving data, the system provides accurate real-time insight to your driver’s performance on the road, including speed, position, idling, harsh cornering and hard acceleration. Through the MyGeotab exceptions rule feature, fleet managers can create alerts to help them and their drivers identify and improve driving behaviour.

Moreover, the software has tools to help boost the overall operations of your business. This includes detailed information in the form of reports to help you monitor the efficiency of your fleet, as well as business costs such as fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. The software also provides a route optimization tool to help fleet managers effectively organize their drivers’ trips, eliminating idling time and improving delivery time.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Instant accident notifications
  • Military-grade encryption to protect customer data
  • Access to reports on vehicle performance, health and driver trips
  • Expandability through software add-ins, hardware add-ons and other third-party applications
  • Access to the Geotab Marketplace

The Features and Benefits of Surfsight’s Powerful Camera Technology

The AI-powered Surfsight camera is a market leader in video innovation. It comes complete with the essential features of a dashcam and is fitted with AI’s capabilities. It provides fleets with a comprehensive video solution that enhances vehicle and driver safety by detecting fatigue and distracted driving. It goes beyond road recording as driver habits are constantly tracked to help fleets combat reckless driving and accidents. Fleet managers are notified in real-time to allow sufficient time to act and improve driver safety, without compromising the costs or performance of their fleet.

Moreover, the camera utilises motion detection technology when the vehicle is parked to detect and record if somebody tempers or collides with your vehicle. All of this is captured in real-time, without requiring network coverage to process the footage.

Other features and benefits include:

  • High-definition road and cabin-facing cameras
  • IR for clear night vision in-cabin
  • Live video evidence, stored in the cloud
  • Rear-screen for viewing or adjusting the camera settings
  • Can easily be mounted on your vehicle windshield
  • Integrable with Geotab’s open platform software

Address Driver Safety in Real-Time with Geotab’s Integration with Surfsight

Geotab’s advanced telematics integration with Surfsight’s AI camera technology is a huge leap forward in improving the risk performance of your fleet. Through the ability of both technologies to detect and alert on potential hazards, the integration serves as serious accident avoidance and driver safety tool, helping fleets to predict incidences before they occur and take precautionary measures to prevent them.

Furthermore, the captured images, videos, and data are auto-uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed or downloaded on-demand from the cloud, or via the Geotab portal. This will help your fleet manager store evidence of reckless driving practices and other potential hazards enabling them to take action. The footage may also be used as evidence for the resolution of claims or legal disputes in an incident.

Watch how video telematics can help fleets tackle accident investigations and road safety problems.

To request a quote or a demo of Geotab’s expandable fleet telematics platform and Surfsight’s slick-looking elite dashcam, please contact our office at 0115645400.

Author: The Geotab Africa Team        

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