The 3 Simple Steps to Making a Smart Technology Investment

When considering a technology investment for your business, it’s important to analyze the potential benefits of the project.

Geotab Celebrates 1 Million Subscribers

In just over 15 years, Geotab Inc. has grown from a small, family business to a global leader in solutions for fleet management and vehicle tracking. Now, the company has hit another milestone. Geotab has reached one million subscribers worldwide.

Engine Diagnostics or GPS Only Tracking: Which is Better?

Diagnostic or nondiagnostic GPS tracking. Which one is better? You may have heard about the benefits of each. This post sets the record straight on why you need true engine diagnostics.

What Is Telematics?

TELEMATICS is a method of monitoring an asset (car, truck, heavy equipment, or even ship) by using GPS and onboard diagnostics to record movements on a computerized map. Learn the answer to “What is telematics?” and read how it’s used in this blog post.

Geotab GO Talk Device

GO TALK is a driver awareness tool that transforms the way driver coaching happens behind the wheel by providing real-time verbal feedback to the driver, increasing safety and minimizing risk.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is the act of creating virtual geographic areas that trigger a specific action when a GPS tracking device enters or exits the zone.

Excel Tips for Fleet Reporting: Top Formulas and Functions

The power of spreadsheets cannot be overstated. Even with the growing number of new business tools and apps available, Microsoft Excel sheets remain an indispensable tool for day-to-day operations. The use of Excel is widespread in the workplace and will…

Is Your GPS Tracker Device Safe?

Concern over the cybersecurity of connected cars has been dominating the news. As everything around us becomes more connected, it’s only natural to ask questions about security. This extends to the connected devices and gear in our cars and trucks. How do…

Geotab Ranks No. 212 on the 2017 PROFIT 500

Canadian Business and PROFIT ranked Geotab No. 212 on the 29th annual PROFIT 500.

Launch – Fuel Monitoring System

GEOTAB AFRICA launches its new Fuel Monitoring System. GEOTAB AFRICA's highly accurate fuel level solution is designed to measure the fuel levels in a vehicle, stationary tankage or diesel generator. The level sensors are integrated into GEOTAB’s award-winning platform, MyGEOTAB.…

Cloud Computing: Pros and Cons

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing, or working in the cloud, is the use of computer technology that is Internet-based and on-demand. It differs from on-site or on-premise solutions in that the collection of data and resources exists on an…

How to Detect and Stop True Fleet Idling

Some drivers idle without even thinking about it. For example, an employee waits in their car for a coworker at a local coffee shop, the engine humming in the background. However, fleet idling can be very costly to business operations,…

Reporting Seatbelt Data: It’s not as Easy as Buckling Your Seatbelt

Seatbelt information is crucial to many of GEOTAB’s customers. However, it is not always as easy to retrieve as its physical simplicity may imply. Seatbelt data is not mandated by OBD-II specifications. This means that different vehicle models, makes, and…