Drilling Rig Monitoring Tool


Geotab Africa has introduced a drilling productivity tool. This revolutionary technology is designed to monitor the productivity and depth of drilling equipment by detecting the maximum depth it has reached, instantaneous penetration rate and average penetration rate.

#GeotabAfrica – Increasing Mine Equipment Productivity

Increasing Mine Equipment Productivity

"A focus on equipment performance promises to unlock billions of Rands in productivity returns for miners." "The implications for improving productivity in the South African mining sector are clear. Companies serious about both cost control and productivity need to have…

#GeotabAfrica Machine Monitoring Empowering Yellow Machines

Geotab Machine Monitoring

Yellow Machine Monitoring - Beyond Location and Information, to Actionable Intelligence. Dump Trucks, Excavators, Drilling Machines...your machines to ensure you reach your production levels, and ultimately your targeted profitability...whilst doing this safely...you need a GEOTAB to monitor and manage the…