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#GeotabAfrica Machine Monitoring Empowering Yellow Machines

Yellow Machine Monitoring – Beyond Location and Information, to Actionable Intelligence.

Dump Trucks, Excavators, Drilling Machines…your machines to ensure you reach your production levels, and ultimately your targeted profitability…whilst doing this safely…you need a GEOTAB to monitor and manage the invisible…

We have installed thousands of GEOTAB’s into Yellow Machines that monitors not just the location and operating parameters of these incredible machines, but our software aided in increasing productivity levels and to manage Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Example 1: Below is a listing of some core data used by mining Technical Department to monitor their machines in the field, and that GEOTAB extracts from the specific CAT machine:

  • J1939\CAN 250k engine protocol detected
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Cranking voltage
  • Driver seatbelt violation (Unbuckled whilst moving)
  • Passenger detected
  • Passenger seatbelt violation (Unbuckled whilst moving)
  • Engine RPM
  • Vehicle active (idle or driving)
  • Total amount of fuel used
  • Total fuel used (since GEOTAB device install)
  • Acceleration g-forces forward or braking
  • Acceleration g-forces side to side
  • Acceleration g-forces up down
  • Gear position
  • Outside temperature
  • Total Engine hours
  • Vehicle programmed maximum speed limit
  • Vehicle angle of inclination
  • Trip fuel used
  • Transmission oil level
  • Fuel level
  • Accident upload of second-by-second GPS data

Example 2: Customer required load-by-load reporting on the specific ore and quality extracted by Excavators, and wanted to ensure that loads are tallied as well as dumped on the correct ore dump (High quality/Low Quality/Type of Ore)

GEOTAB Engineers used the GEOTAB software and created a solution that provided customer with exact data on number of loads recorded and dumped as well as the type of Ore recorded on each dump.

As part of the solution customer could also identify bottlenecks where trucks took longer than anticipated, customer also got realtime reports on Excavator and Dump Truck status, such as operational or not, greatly enhancing productivity drive to meet SLA levels agreed on mine.

Customer informed us that our solution will be replacing a system that costs them millions of Rands each month, thus saving on their other operational expenses as well.

Example 3: Customer required solution to easily dispatch Water Bowsers to spray roads where high dust concentrations were recorded, and similarly required a report to customer that roads were in fact sprayed in accordance to SLA’s agreed with their mining customer, and proof thereof.

GEOTAB designed a system that dispatched Water Bowsers, recorded the trip as well as when sprayers started and ended, resulting in faster response times as well as ability for customer to report on all roads sprayed accurately.

Example 4: Hours of Service is a core requirement for service and maintenance teams, with a GEOTAB installed service staff could accurately monitor hours of service of machines, schedule maintenance reminders within the GEOTAB system and therefore more accurately monitor and report on service and maintenance schedules.

One of our customers in Namibia (GEOTAB is available across Africa) reported that the savings and productivity increases GEOTAB realised for them amounted to several millions of Rands per month, now that is what GEOTAB likes to hear.

Similarly due to the safety aspects of the GEOTAB system, mining safety was also significantly improved.

So get in touch with us and let’s see if we can help you to do things better, faster, greener, greater…
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