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Drilling Rig Monitoring Tool

Geotab Africa has introduced a drilling productivity tool. This revolutionary technology is designed to monitor the productivity and depth of drilling equipment by detecting the maximum depth it has reached, instantaneous penetration rate and average penetration rate. Completely wireless, it gives a range of real-time data, no guesswork, no paperwork and no problems.
The system is built to eliminate human error and manual input logs. It ensures that your drilling equipment is operating in an efficient manner.

How it Works

A sensor and analogy gauge is placed on the drilling equipment, which monitor its productivity. Data is available in real-time and is transmitted to the MyGeotab system.

Who Should Use This

Mining industries who are looking to monitor the productivity and depth of their drilling equipment.

Features & Benefits

Reporting Flexibility

Real-time and historical displays of the drilling productivity are available. This reporting tool enables engineers to export data in excel format at time range.

User Friendly Operation

The Geotab system uses graphical gauge interface, that is simple to use, for the end user.

Key Monitoring Data

Our system provides real-time notifications which illustrate the insights of your drilling rigs equipment, when the configured maximum depth is reached.

Operating Efficiency

Remote maintenance, data download and real-time data availability, no maintenance or calibration of analogue gauges required.

Vehicle Configuration

Our system allows users to configure each vehicle, their drilling maximum target depth and allowable variance percentage per drill.

Author: Tinyiko Evans NovelaJunior Developer – Geotab Africa

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