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The High Costs of Running a Fleet

A key selling point in the Fleet Management industry, is that fleet management companies can reduce the high costs associated with running a fleet. Businesses are able to employ our products, optimize their fleet usage and significantly reduce running costs.

By now we know that reducing idle time, optimizing routes and monitoring how the driver gets from A to B, will reduce costs and wear-and-tear on the fleet. But what does this mean and how do we quantify it?

The Running Costs of a Truck

There is an interesting article in Fleetwatch Magazine illustrating the running costs of a truck. It provides an extremely detailed breakdown of the latter, but the notable figures are as follows:

  • Fuel makes up as much as 40% of the running costs of the vehicles.
  • Idling a heavy duty truck consumes about 3 litres of fuel per hour.
  • Tyres cost anything from R53,000 to R164,000 depending on the size and configuration.
  • Standing costs are anything from R2,820 p/day to R3,920 p/day depending on the size and configuration.
  • Repairs and Maintenance fall just short of a million rand.

When using fleet management tools comprehensively, we can confidently say that if we are saving 30-40% of the running cost of the fleet, it truly is a return on investment.

Author: Donovan Garisch, Support Supervisor – Geotab Africa

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