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Geotab is Vesa-approved for Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solutions. VESA Stands for “The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa”. VESA is a non-profit organisation which aims to set standards to facilitate and coordinate interested parties with technical interests in related areas.
Why VESA Approved?
Most members of VESA have found that the Membership is beneficial when introducing their products and services to insurance companies. Most insurance companies’ policies refer to the words “VESA Approved”.
All products are tested and approved by the Accreditation Bureau for Security & Safety (ABS).  A product only carries “VESA Approval’ once the product has been correctly installed into a vehicle, according to VESA standards and certified with a VESA Certificate.
Requirements for “VESA Approved”:

  • A product which is approved by the Accreditation Bureau for Security & Safety (ABS),
  • An installation by a member of VESA in accordance with the latest VESA Specifications,
  • A certificate prescribed and issued by VESA for the current year.

VESA Certificate
Every vehicle that is fitted with an VESA-approved device for Stolen Vehicle Recovery purposes are issued with a VESA Certificate. The Electronic Vesa Certificate provides all the important and relevant information which the insurance industry would need with regards to the insured vehicle.
When a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device is fitted into a client’s vehicle, Geotab issues the client with a VESA Certificate for that specific installation that was done. The client can send the completed Certificate that they have received to their insurance company.
Should a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device be removed or cancelled by the client, the VESA Certificate will also be cancelled.

Author: Jenny Ras, Call Center Supervisor – Geotab Africa

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