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#GeotabAfrica – Top 3 Reasons Customers

The Top 3 Reasons Customers Chose GEOTAB

I today asked one of our Business Development Managers to provide me a list of his last weeks customers and why they decided to go with GEOTAB, below are the top reasons for each of the customers (I removed actual names of customers for privacy reasons and replaced with the industry and/or company type)

Security Company

  • Dispatch via Garmin (Main reason)
  • System can be integrated to Signal Tower
  • Driver behaviour

Logistics Company

  • Breadcrumb technology (live data)
  • Truck monitoring i.e. which customer did they deliver to and how many times.
  • They don’t need to contact us to get a report they can do it themselves

Sales Organisation

  • Driver behaviour (Main reason)
  • Customer zoning
  • SARS log book

Cross Border Logistics Company

  • Monitoring the trucks (where is my truck)
  • Cross border monitoring
  • Accident notification

Mining Company

  • The vast amount of data our unit can supply (OBD)
  • Driver behaviour
  • Vast amounts of reports
  • They know our product and system works

Sales Company

  • Driver behaviour
  • Stolen vehicle Recovery and fleet management option combined
  • Overall fleet management – At a push of a button

Steel Company

  • Driver behaviour monitoring and alert tools
  • Overall monitoring of fleet
  • Driver ID
  • SARS Log Book