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GEOTAB, MoMo, RoadBuddy…

GEOTAB SA just loves innovation, and nowhere will you find a more creative thinking bunch of people than on the regular Mobile Monday (MoMo) events held from time-to-time, and the recent Johannesburg event again lived up to expectations.

The elevator pitch of GEOTAB was done by our Senior Software Engineer, Romeo Mackay, and was pitched around the GEOTAB Software Development Kit (SDK), that allows for the development of software, solutions and apps around GEOTAB offering, some examples include SARS Logbook, Arrival Notifications etc, whatever your imagination can think of relating to location and behaviour of vehicles on the road that is equipped with a GEOTAB Advanced Telematics (Tracking) device.

We also found the RoadBuddy pitch aimed at road safety very interesting, and in fact the project is supported by IBM, and is a really cool solution aimed at reducing the accident rates across the world, you can download the presentation on Roadbuddy here, and you can also head over to the RoadBuddy site to read more about these innovators.