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Why Fleets Should Consider Using Zones?

Geotab Africa’s state-of-the-art technology offers many excellent features. One of them is the ability to configure zones on our user-friendly map that can be accessed from our MyGeotab platform.

What is a Zone?

A zone is a virtual perimeter around a real-world area of interest.  You can use zones to identify locations such as offices, customers or people’s homes.  When combined with exception reporting, zones become a critical component for analysing the behaviour of any fleet.

The Power of Zones

You can create an unlimited number of zones and they can be created individually or in bulk by importing a list prepared in a spreadsheet.  There are different ways to create a zone and each zone can be customized to your specifications, such as which group the zone should belong to, disable the zone from being displayed on the map or change the colour used to display the zone.

Another important aspect of zones is their type.  The zones that you create can belong to different classes, such as customers, offices or homes.  By using zone types, you can create very specific reports, for example, if you create zones for customers, you can report and filter by the customer’s zone type.  This allows you to easily see when drivers arrived and departed from your customers.

By using zones in combination with real-time tracking, reporting becomes a powerful tool for productivity. Exceptions generated by drivers will include information about which zones they were inside, outside or even near.  This enables a number of possible scenarios such as:

  • Have an email sent out when drivers arrive at a customer location
  • Sound an in-vehicle alert to a driver who has left work early
  • Notify your shipping and receiving department that a truck is about to arrive

The application recognizes stops made within zones and can also indicate the amount of time spent at these locations. As such, there is a world of possibilities in which zones can help you to increase efficiency as well as your bottom line.

Author: Lucinda Barnard, Key Account Manager Cape Town – GEOTAB AFRICA

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