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Sumitomo Rubber South Africa

A sit down with Sumitomo Rubber South Africa’s General Manager of Procurement


Client reviews and check-ups are paramount for Geotab Africa. We prioritize checking in on our clients to determine how our telematics solutions are better enhancing their operations. We recently sat down with Sumitomo Rubber South Africa’s General Manager of Procurement, Ivan David to get an account of their experience with our fleet management platform. Geotab Africa concerns itself with upholding fleet management solutions that produce measurable operation betterment for a fleet. Sumitomo Rubber S.A. has been enjoying this benefit since joining Geotab Africa in March 2015. The company has 107 vehicles, and they all have Geotab Africa’s fleet units. 

Sumitomo Rubber S.A’s GM of Procurement explained they acquired the services of Geotab Africa because the company needed to keep track of their fleet’s activities and movements – “ideally, I think the company implemented Geotab due to the need to track drivers”. David explained that their company policy allows for a 20/80 vehicle use scale.

“Our policy allows for drivers to use the company vehicles for personal use at a 20% scale, and the 80% is solely reserved for business use. So, we wanted to always know the activities of the company vehicles”.

Having Geotab Africa’s vehicle tracking device, the GO9, Sumitomo Rubber S.A. has successfully managed to collect data that ensures a balance of this scale. 

David explained that upon utilizing Geotab Africa’s tracking devices and the fleet management software, they just wanted to track the company’s vehicles, but they went on to explore other aspects of the system – “At the time we needed Geotab just for vehicle tracking, however, we have since used other aspects of the system for field reporting” explained David.

As a company that manufactures and distributes tyres in South Africa and various parts of Africa, it is important for Sumitomo Rubber S.A. to be able to measure productivity and generate reports for different business operations. Geotab Africa’s fleet management reports make it easy for Sumitomo Rubber S.A. to set up custom reports to get key insights into their operations, and performance outputs. The system allows them to observe the time scales their vehicles spend at every location and check compliance using trip history reports. 

“We utilize Geotab Africa’s system to make sure that drivers are productive during business hours. The system allows us to monitor vehicle mileage” explained David. 

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