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Uber Introduces its First Electric Bike Fleet in Kenya

  Uber has introduced a new fleet of electric bikes in Kenya, one of the continent’s leaders in fleet electrification. This comes after the nation pledged to convert all of its transportation to electric by the year 2040. With increased lobbying for the switch from internal combustion engines to electric automobiles across the globe. Kenya […]

Sumitomo Rubber South Africa

A sit down with Sumitomo Rubber South Africa’s General Manager of Procurement   Client reviews and check-ups are paramount for Geotab Africa. We prioritize checking in on our clients to determine how our telematics solutions are better enhancing their operations. We recently sat down with Sumitomo Rubber South Africa’s General Manager of Procurement, Ivan David […]

A Powered EuroAfrica Drive: Geotab Africa joins in South Africa

Geotab Inc is one of the powered Eurafrica drive sponsors that saw a Dutch couple, Maarten van Pel and Renske Cox, emerge from Amsterdam, Netherlands to South Africa in an electric Skoda Enyaq iv80 SUV. Cox and van Pel began their expedition on 4 November 2022 and arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on 08 […]

Saving Lives & Cutting Costs: Video Telematics for Public Transport

The public transport industry is complex but can be regulated with various public transport video telematics solutions. As an industry, vehicles and drivers must adhere to the strictest rules and regulations that promote safety and compliance. Failure to do so does not only result in severe fines but also a compromise to people’s lives and […]

Fleet Asset Utilization: Put an End to Vehicle Downtime

The world of logistics and fleet management is fast-paced. With the right telematics solutions on your side, keeping tabs on your vehicles becomes a walk in the park. Knowing your fleet asset utilization and the imbalance is not only helpful for informed asset decisions but also ensures fleet and cost management.    Geotab’s Fleet Asset Utilization […]

Shared Asset Location: Where GPS and Teamwork Meet on the Map

In the fast-paced world of fleet management, time is money, and every minute counts. To keep goods flowing smoothly from point A to point B, the use of Shared Asset Location for fleets has emerged as a game-changer. Do your clients want you to share vehicle location information when awaiting a delivery? Well, the good […]