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IOX Expandability

IOX 3rd Party Expandability

The GEOTAB GO7 device is the world’s only expandable plug-&-play vehicle telematics platform that allows for unique IOX expandability. We partnered with the best to provide a powerful plug and play solutions that will meet your daily needs.

The GEOTAB GO7 is built on the following 5 pillars:

  • PRODUCTIVITY – Monitor accurate time card reporting.
  • SAFETY – In-vehicle driver feedback beeper to assist with driver training.
  • OPTIMIZATION – Improve fuel efficiency by better managing routes, vehicle speed and idling time.
  • COMPLIANCE – Driver dispatching, messaging and HOS compliance to improve safety.
  • EXPANDABILITY – Implementing telematics for your business growth.

What is IOX and how does it work?

IOX stands for Input Output eXpander and is a hardware add-on that add’s functionality to the GO Device. The IOX integration capability allows for easy daisy chain integration with up to 4 IOX connectors on our GO device and can be used for but is not limited to:

  • Garmin – Messaging & Hours of Service.
  • GEOTAB Drive – Android/iOS (Power USB Male or Female).
  • Auxiliary attachments (PTO, Passenger & Cargo door sensors, pumps, motors, seatbelts (Think outside the box).
  • Driver ID with NFC Reader (optional immobilizer kit).
  • External Buzzer.
  • Third party sensors like temperature monitoring.

Let’s have a look at just some of our IOX integration capabilities below:


The IOX-ALERT allows a driver to send a notification to a dispatcher through the press of an alert button (not included). Once pressed, the alert button signals the GEOTAB GO Device to send a specific engine diagnostic to MyGeotab. Exception rules can be set to trigger in response to this diagnostic.

Top Features
Monitor one switch input for alerting purposes.

IOX Analog.png

The IOX-ANALOG enables the GO device to read analog signals from a vehicle and its connected accessories. Together with MyGeotab, the IOX-ANALOG provides near-real-time status information for analog sources and delivers notifications if readouts fall outside of user-defined values.

Top Features

  • Monitor up to 4 analog inputs
  • Possible use cases include:
  • Secondary battery voltages
  • Liquid flow meters
  • Temperature and pressure readings



The IOX-AUX allows for monitoring of up to 8 signals from your vehicle in real-time, providing additional insight into the condition of your fleet.

Top Features

  • Monitor up to 8 inputs at any time with two IOX-AUX’s
  • Self-learning input triggers
  • Supports GND–Float, GND–Driven, and Float Driven circuits


The IOX-BUZZ is an external buzzer that amplifies the in-vehicle feedback to reduce the number of unheard alerts from the GEOTAB GO device due to engine noise.

In-vehicle feedback comes from both the GO device internal buzzer and the external buzzer to improve the sound quality of in-vehicle alerts, and to increase the likelihood that these alerts are received by the driver.

Top Features

  • Plug-&-Play IOX.
  • High-volume audible alerts for drivers.
  • Enhances clarity of communication for drivers of large trucks.
  • Amplifies GO device sound to be heard more clearly over large vehicle engine noise.


Interfacing with Third-Party Devices. The IOX-CAN integrates third-party data with the MyGeotab software, allowing supplementary fleet data to be collected and consolidated in one place by the user. Customers and partners can also transmit data through the GEOTAB GO device by using the Third-Party Data Protocol on our private CAN Bus via the IOX-CAN. No initial handshake is required.

Additional Data Collection Can Include:

  • Plug-&-Play IOX.
  • Driver Distraction Monitoring.
  • Temperature Monitoring for refrigerated fleets.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring.

IOX-GARMINNT iox-garmin

As an Authorized GARMIN Partner, GEOTAB provides seamless integration with certain devices on the GARMIN platform. The GARMIN IOX user can connect a GEOTAB fleet management solution to a GARMIN device to allow for enhanced in-vehicle driver-dispatcher communication.

Top Features

  • Plug-&-Play IOX.
  • Two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers.
  • Dispatchers can send stops and routes directly to the vehicle.
  • Touchscreen communication for drivers.
  • Communications are verified and time-stamped.
  • All driver information is displayed on a map.


The GO TALK provides real-time feedback to drivers about their safety and performance on the road. With the GO TALK, the fleet manager adds a tool for improving long-term driving skills by notifying the driver when they exceed allowable conditions.
The GO TALK aims to improve bad driving habits while forming good ones without overbearing intervention. It pushes drivers to continuously improve their skills through a digital coach in lieu of simple alerts.

Top Features

  • Plug-&-Play IOX.
  • Provides real-time feedback to drivers.
  • Improves driver safety and enhances driving skills.
  • Supports real-time spoken alerts in English, French,  Spanish, German, and Italian.


The IOX-NFC READER integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) with the GEOTAB GO device to help identify which drivers are operating vehicles in a fleet at any given time. Users can utilize MyGeotab to create rules, reports, and exceptions based on individual drivers or vehicles.

Top Features

  • Plug-&-Play IOX.
  • Driver ID Whitelist.
  • Assigns drivers to vehicles.
  • Enables driver-based reporting.
  • Tracks driver data across different vehicles.
  • Optional SPR-RELAYKIT for enabling a relay directly from the Device. The relay can be enabled remotely from the web application, and can be activated using the NFC Driver Identification device.


The IOX-OUTPUT allows the GEOTAB GO device to control a relay from the vehicle in real-time. The IOX-OUTPUT can be set to trigger the relay when a predefined condition is met within MyGeotab.

Top Features
Supports 1 × 12 V/24 V relay at any time



The IOX-BT allows monitoring of Bluetooth proximity beacons with public MAC addresses and supports select sensor-enabled beacons. Beacons can be attached to tools and equipment to increase asset utilization, reduce impact of misplaced equipment, boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve on-time delivery.

Top Features

  • Plug-&-Play IOX.
  • Monitors proximity beacons with public MAC addresses.
  • Also supports sensor data from select beacons.
  • Supports up to 200 in-range beacons.


The IOX-USB includes an auxiliary USB power adapter for charging and powering USB devices. Constant power to the USB device allows the use of location-based services (GPS) on the attached tablet/phone. With this, GEOTAB Drive can change driver status between Driving and On Duty seamlessly. Moreover, it ensures that the display of the tablet/phone powers on and off with ignition.

Top Features

  • Plug-&-Play IOX.
  • Charges and provides constant power to USB devices.
  • Compatible with GEOTAB’s standard third-party device protocol.

Compiler: Ricardo Labans, Senior Hardware Technician – GEOTAB AFRICA (KZN)