When planning a family get-away big or small, unless you have a huge bank balance and don’t care about the costs involved, you probably spend a lot of time planning, budgeting and exploring all the possibilities to make the most of your time and hard earned cash. So why should you treat your fleet any different, since it’s the driving force of your potential income.

Having your vehicles fitted with a GEOTAB Telematics device allows you to plan, budget and manage your fleet more effectively with the vast range of data being populated at your fingertips; which can increase profitability while decreasing operational costs when interpreted correctly.

The benefits that a Fleet Management Solution can provide are numerous and might vary upon the nature and industry of companies, but there are some major advantages that occur for any kind and any type of business. Some of these are:

  • Lower fuel cost.
  • Improved cost control.
  • Improved route planning.
  • Important data collection.
  • Increased employee productivity.

In order to successfully manage your fleet you need to focus on the following:

Vehicle Maintenance

Setting up maintenance reminders via GEOTAB’s award winning software in order to remind you at a convenient time. Knowing when your vehicles need a service will allow you to plan and budget for these expenses so that you are not caught off guard. Sufficient notice will also provide you with enough time to shop around for the best prices and quality.

Vehicle Telematics

One of the most important and basic solution is knowing where your vehicles are at all time. With this info, you can plan your fleet’s trips effectively to cut down on traveling time or distances, which is linked to your fuel management. Knowing that your vehicle is in the right place at the right time is peace of mind for you and clients who use your services.

Driver Management

Do you know who’s driving your vehicles? When operating a large fleet it can become tedious to keep track on paper of who’s driving which vehicle for the day. But why is it important? Well knowing who is driving your vehicles allows you to firstly connect vehicle with the correct driver via Driver Tags. As such it is easy for you to make contact with the right driver in the event that you need to. Secondly you can link driver behaviour or allocate tickets to the right driver or rather provide an incentive to drivers based on their driving habits.

Speed Management

Managing speed on your vehicles is important, know that your drivers are being compliant to road speed limits for the class of vehicle that they are driving. Managing your speed makes the road safer for all users, helps you save fuel, protects your assets and others, while further upholding your company’s reputation.

Fuel Management

Fuel is expensive, efficient routing, managing idle times or vehicle abuse is some of the many factors that can help reduce the overall fuel cost. Everything works hand in hand, not only your trips but also knowing how your vehicle is being driven affects the way fuel is consumed.

Author: Sugandran Kannigan, Software Support – GEOTAB AFRICA (KZN)

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