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Coaching Naughty Drivers Using MyGeotab

Every fleet has its own crop of naughty drivers who commit serious traffic offences by disregarding road rules, driving dangerously, and causing accidents or other harm to your vehicles. But how do you identify and separate the band of bad drivers from the good drivers? Also, how can you impose stricter rules to coach them to be better-behaved drivers who will follow your fleet policy and not just the road rules and regulations?

Using MyGeotab to Separate Naughty Drivers from Good Drivers

With MyGeotab, there are features to help users easily identify and separate the naughty drivers from the behaved drivers. The first step is to create Exception Rules. Through this feature, fleet managers can propose clear guidelines for good driving behaviour. This means they can set out the rules for speeding, idling time, hard braking and harsh cornering. The rules can be applied to all vehicles and drivers.

Once done, fleet managers can run an Exceptions report to identify the bad drivers who violate the rules. Two groups may then be set up by fleet managers to differentiate the good drivers from the bad ones. For example, the one group may be “NaughtyBOYZ” for transgressors and the other group may be “Behaved” for drivers who follow the rules. From there, if the Exception Rules are repeatedly broken, the drivers will be automatically moved to the NaughtyBOYZ group.

Using MyGeotab to separate naughty drivers from good drivers

Initiating Driver Coaching on MyGeotab

Driver coaching for the naughty driver category can then be implemented to avoid further breaches of Exception Rules. This can be achieved by setting up the system to send automated warnings alerting the relevant parties of when the driver is infringing on the rules. The alerts can be sent out to the rule-breaker, their manager, and other relevant parties in the following ways:

  • Via email to the fleet manager
  • A warning shown on the software to a designated user
  • An audible (beep) in-vehicle notification
  • Via SMS
  • or you can send personalized recorded messages if you have the GoTalk device.
Using MyGeotab’s Exception Rules feature to coach naughty drivers.

If drivers continue to break further rules, he will be moved automatically to the Critical Group. Management will then get automated reports to take action.

What about the Drivers that start behaving and do not break any rules?

MyGeotab automated rules can be set for naughty drivers to be moved into the behaved drivers’ group once they start engaging in safe driving practices.

Author: Muhamed Alli Mayet, Export Support – Geotab Africa         

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