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#GeotabAfrica – Top 3 Reasons Customers

The Top 3 Reasons Customers Chose GEOTAB

I today asked one of our Business Development Managers to provide me a list of his last weeks customers and why they decided to go with GEOTAB, below are the top reasons for each of the customers (I removed actual names of customers for privacy reasons and replaced with the industry and/or company type)

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#GeotabAfrica #MoMoJoburg #RoadBuddy #IBM

GEOTAB, MoMo, RoadBuddy…

GEOTAB SA just loves innovation, and nowhere will you find a more creative thinking bunch of people than on the regular Mobile Monday (MoMo) events held from time-to-time, and the recent Johannesburg event again lived up to expectations.

The elevator pitch of GEOTAB was done by our Senior Software Engineer, Romeo Mackay, and was pitched around the GEOTAB Software Development Kit (SDK), that allows for the development of software, solutions and apps around GEOTAB offering, some examples include SARS Logbook, Arrival Notifications etc, whatever your imagination can think of relating to location and behaviour of vehicles on the road that is equipped with a GEOTAB Advanced Telematics (Tracking) device.

We also found the RoadBuddy pitch aimed at road safety very interesting, and in fact the project is supported by IBM, and is a really cool solution aimed at reducing the accident rates across the world, you can download the presentation on Roadbuddy here, and you can also head over to the RoadBuddy site to read more about these innovators.

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#GeotabAfrica at #SAPICS2015

SAPICS 37th Annual Conference

Annually, professionals with a passion for supply chain management meet at the SAPICS Conference to discuss topics and explore resources relevant to the supply chain profession and benefit from valuable networking opportunities.

This year GEOTAB will also be there to showcase how the GEOTAB Fleet Monitoring Platform can increase productivity and profitability in the supply chain, come visit us at Stand A41.

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#GeotabAfrica and Fleet #TyreManagement

Steve Swart, our Business Development Manager for KZN today presented what I considered a very interesting presentation indeed.

The presentation was on tyre management solution from one of our Value Added Partners that integrate with the GEOTAB Fleet Monitoring service, a solution that measures tyre pressures as well as tyre temperatures at different points during a journey.

The specific presentation results were based on a Horse and Trailer, across several days, and it was very interesting to see both the pressure increasing by more than 20% during different parts of the day, as well as the temperature, in this specific case the temperature and pressures peaked late in the afternoon at about 16:00 and from there started declining again until about 21:00.

What was even more interesting was to see the different pressures and temperatures on the different wheels, raising the question if this was due to truck load weight distribution or perhaps different tyre manufacturers, which we will check with next test.

This solution we can see will add significant value to the trucking and heavy equipment industry, we will update you over the next few weeks as we complete our different tests on the integration into the GEOTAB Checkmate system for this specific customer.

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#GeotabAfrica at #AutoMechanica 2015, let the show begin, 6-9th May 2015

The Concept of Automechanica

The World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry

Automechanika Johannesburg offers you a unique spectrum of products from the fields of automotive parts, car wash, workshop and filling-station equipment, IT products and services, accessories and tuning. Automechanika Johannesburg is unmatched in terms of scope and internationality. Around 50 per cent of the exhibitors at the last event came from outside South Africa and it presents a Gateway to Africa, and GEOTAB Africa will be there…

We just love some of the video material they used to promote the show, like this one:


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A Telematics 2020 Vision Enables You to See Your Business Clearly

Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions.This milestone setting refresh will enable you to achieve your 2020 Vision.

Telematics adapts to your business, your business doesn’t adapt to telematics.
At an annual meeting of safety and health professionals last summer, a large group of risk managers got together to discuss ways of managing vehicle damage, personal injury, and workplace compensation claims. Whilst the professionals were able to talk about their challenges inside the conference hall, outside the exhibit hall was packed with telematics companies eager to demonstrate GPS tracking and other tools. None of the professional risk managers talked about telematics as a way to solve their claims problems. Most of the telematics companies were pitching telematics as THE solution. As such, the two groups were talking past each other.

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Understanding Your Vehicle Odometer

Your Geotab GO device understands a lot about your vehicle’s health and the behaviour and habits of everyone that drives it. When connected to your OBD-II port, the GO device collects all sorts of engine diagnostics and then combines that with real time location history, allowing you to accurately understand and recreate where the vehicle went and what happened along the way.

One of the most critical pieces of information for fleet managers is the vehicle odometer. A vehicle’s odometer is not just any number – for some fleets it represents milestones for scheduled maintenance including oil changes, tyre rotations and comprehensive vehicle inspections. With Geotab, your vehicle odometer is always up to date and extremely accurate.

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Converting Big Data into Relevant Fleet Management Information

Many firms are looking to define what is the true meaning of Big Data in the telematics industry.

In today’s data-driven economy, companies are wirelessly collecting huge volumes of data. However, collecting data is the just the beginning and the easy part – the key differentiator is ensuring that useful and relevant data is available.

Geotab is collecting large amounts of data, at approximately:

  • 120 million data points per day
  • 3.5 billion data points per month
  • 44 billion records per year

And to top this even further…these numbers are continuously evolving as Geotab adds approximately 10,000 new vehicle subscriptions per month!

A key question for any business or manager is – will the data collected today be used in the same manner 1-10 years down the road? The answer is probably not. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to maintain this data in a structure that will guarantee its usage and continual benefit even down the road.

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How Telematics Improve Staff Morale

Having to continuously oversee downhearted, defeated or disgruntled staff creates frustration for management. It also holds the potential to snowball into an uncontrollable, yet avoidable expense.

Although no official figures are available for Africa, In the United States it is estimated that there are about 22 million workers who are categorised as having low morale in the workplace. The repercussions include approximately 350 billion dollars in additional costs to American businesses each year. Decreased employee productivity, worker absenteeism, and increased staff turnover all contribute to the costs these businesses burden.

Long distance professional drivers often cite that time away from home, the difficulty of making a living, and the lack of recognition for their hard work as reasons for not recommending the occupation to others.

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Start and Stop Technology in the Quest Against Idling

As every fleet manager knows, a reduction in idling time is both beneficial and cost effective. It provides savings in the form of lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs, thus extending vehicle life and a reduction in emissions.

An idling engine consumes fuel only to keep itself and the vehicles accessories running – fuel economy is at zero miles per gallon! As a fundamental Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Geotab provides several rules and reports to help better inform drivers about idling and to help fleet managers achieve their targeted goals in cost reductions.

What if there was a built-in technology that could help drivers automatically reduce their idle time?

The technology already exists today. Start-Stop Systems are available across a range of auto manufactures. The principle is very simple: a start-stop system allows an engine to be automatically shut down when a vehicle comes to a complete stop and is engaged instantly when needed. For example, on approaching a red light the engine disengages when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. When the light turns green and the brake pedal is released the engine engages and the car functions as per normal.

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How GEOTAB Can Help Companies Improve On Fleet Management

Many companies are aware that the implementation of at telematics fleet management system is very useful in terms of cost reduction, security, and quality of service offered to their customers.

But in many cases, they possibly lack the necessary experience or time to implement these solutions within their organisation, such as communications to drivers and unions, changes within management processes, full demonstrations of ROI, and training activities.

For this reason, GEOTAB Africa offers a professional service option to its customers, helping customers in the following ways:

Understanding company requirements, challenges, and technical goals are some of the key responsibilities for GEOTAB professional teams, and our consultants help customers with:

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Idling Cost Analysis

Idling Cost Analysis

So one of our Business Development Managers (Steve Swart) in KZN, did a sensitivity analysis on possible savings that could be realised, and he decided to focus on wastage through unnecessary idling costs within a fleet.

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Hijackings: Time for Industry Pushback

Hijacking and Fleet Driver Safety

Saw an article on truck hijackings and thought I would add a very brief view on this,  as a conversation starter, I am sure that a book could be written on this subject and that we have great minds in the industry that can address this problem collectively and very effectively, so here we go…

To me the most valuable cargo is in fact not the fuel or the cargo such as cigarettes, but the drivers that drive these trucks.

The criminals involved in these hijackings have on numerous occasions showed how ruthless they can be, and a life lost cannot be brought back, whilst cargo can be insured.